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Pobierz PeaZip 3.3.0

PeaZip 3.3.0

Od Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
Ocena Użytkowników

Czym jest gwarancja bezpieczeństwa FileHippo?


Wiemy, jak ważne jest bezpieczeństwo w sieci i dlatego w FileHippo korzystamy z technologii wykrywania wirusów opracowanej przez firmę Avira, dzięki której gwarantujemy, że wszystkie pliki pobierane na FileHippo są bezpieczne. Program, który zamierzasz pobrać, możesz bez obaw zainstalować na swoim urządzeniu.


* (Windows) updated to 7z 9.16 beta

* improved capability of launching favourite programs and websites from file browser
- "Open..." group in navigation menu to launch most common operations (such as open file or directory) and favourite applications and websites
- new "Run" entry to type and launch arbitrary programs or websites
- new "Web search" dialog for launching single or multiple searches at once
- added alternative command for advanced applications/scripts group, to be executed if no parameter is received
- updated integration with Avira and Virustotal
* (Windows) improved aspect of drag and drop information panel
- (Windows Vista/7) improved desktop recognition
* (Windows) improved handling of non accessible mapped units
- if the operation takes more time than expected, following remote unit tests are skipped
- added an option to skip testing mapped units in Options > General (2), which is automatically set when the previous case applies
* improved recognition of malformed archives (not containing entries for directories), which triggers to switch to flat browsing mode in order to show all objects
- toggle flat/browse mode icon is prompted in the taskbar to speed up "show all" inside archives
* added link to PeaZip's folder in Options > Settings > General (1)
* themes were updated
* fixed browsing of .Z files
* fixed setting preferred applications brings to correct options page