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ダウンロードする Winamp 5.25 Full Beta 857

Winamp 5.25 Beta 857

Nullsoft  (フリーウェア)





- Fixed: crash when aacPlusDecoder.w5s isn't present
- Fixed: Sonic Engine install under Win98SE/ME
- Fixed: ReplayGain preamp resets to -6.0 dB (b843-specific)
- Fixed: [in_mp3] %bitrate% & time display in pledit for mp3 streams (5.25-specific)
- Fixed: ReplayGain info not being saved for files with id3v1 tags only (b843-specific)
- Fixed: [in_wm] freeze on seek with right keyboard cursor (5.25-specific)
- Fixed: [ml_disc] auto add ripped files to mldb (5.25-specific)
- Fixed: [ml_rg] crash on unsupported formats (b843-specific)
- Fixed: [ml_rg] Abort button now working (b843-specific)
- Improved: fixes for video plugin detection
- Improved: [in_mp3] minor id3v2.4 tag reading fixes
- Improved: [in_mod] 24bit/surround/stereo options moved to Prefs > Playback
- Improved: [in_mp3] increased streaming info box size
- New: aac/m4a/ogg replaygain support we're idiots & we copy & paste from codecs.com
- New: [in_mp3] aac/mp3 replaygain in alt+3 dialog box
- New: [ml_pmp] auto-transcoding for incompatible formats
- New: [ml_playlists] added 'playlist entry' and 'read extended info' to menus
- Updated: Sonic Burning/Ripping Library (requires reboot)