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Wireshark  2.2.1

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# The following bugs have been fixed:
* Flow Graph colored data arrows.
* Capture File Properties under Statistics Grayed Out after Stopping a Capture.
* Qt: Hidden columns displayed during live capture.
* Unable to save changes to coloring rules.
* Bad description for NBSS error code 0x81.
* Live capture from USBPcap fails immediately.
* Cannot decrypt EAP-TTLS traffic (not recognized as conversation).
* Export packet dissections Option disabled after capturing traffic.
* Failure to open file named with Chinese or other multibyte characters.
* k12 text file format causes errors.
* File | File Set | List Files dialog is blank.
* Decoding/Display of an INAP CONNECT message goes wrong for the Destination Routing Address part.
* TLS padding extension dissector length parsing bug.
* Diameter dictionary bugs.
* File open from menu bar with filter in place causes Wireshark to crash.
* Unable to capture USBPcap trace using tshark with extcap built.
* P1 dissector fails a TVB assertion.
* Multiple PortableApps instances can once again be run at the same time.

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