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# Vulnerabilities fixed:
- The ASTERIX dissector could go into an infinite loop.
- The DHCPv6 dissector could go into a large loop.
# Bugs fixes:
- TCP reassembly: tcp.reassembled_in is not set in first packet.
- Duplicated Interfaces instances while refreshing.
- Time zone name needs to be converted to UTF-8 on Windows.
- Crash on fast local interface changes.
- Please align columns in tshark’s output.
- Display data rate fields for VHT rates invalid with BCC modulation.
- plugin_if_get_ws_info causes Access Violation if called during rescan.
- SMTP BDAT dissector not reverting to command-code after DATA.
- Wireshark fails to recognize V6 DBS Etherwatch capture files.
- Runtime Error when try to merge .pcap files (Wireshark crashes).
- PPP BCP BPDU size reports not header size, but all data underneath and its header size in UI.
- In-line UDP checksum bytes in 6LoWPAN IPHC are swapped.
- Uninitialized memcmp on data in daintree-sna.c.
- Crash when dissect WDBRPC Version 2 protocol with Dissect unknown program numbers enabled.
- Contents/Resources/bin directory isn’t in the app bundle after installation.
- Regression: IEEE17221 (AVDECC) decoded as IEEE1722 (AVB Transportation Protocol).
- Can’t decode packets captured with OpenBSD enc(4) encapsulating.
- UDLD flags are at other end of octet.
- MS-WSP dissector no longer works since commit 8c2fa5b5cf789e6d0d19cd0dd34479d0203d177a.
- TBCD string decoded wrongly in MAP ATI message.
- Filter Documentation: The tilde (~) operator is not documented.
- VoIP Flow Sequence Causes Application Crash.

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