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MediaPortal 1.8.0

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Da Team MediaPortal  (Open Source)

* Bug
- MP exit procedures are executed in wrong order
- Wrong Channel mapping for 3.0 and 4.0 Music Files
- Random Last.FM crash when lookup internet
- Pausing a BASS Web stream results in a stream dispose
- Music player is not freeing WASAPI device when stopping from paused state
- Music player is not freeing ASIO channels when stopping from paused state
- Remove FixDWM hack for win7 and above
- Fix EXIF rotation with special character
- wrong lettercase on SQL query
- unable to upgrade TV DB with MySQL 5.7
- Fix regression in GUIDE
- Music DB Search does not return all items
- Recordings in Subfolders won't play when UNC paths are used on Multi-Seat setups
- Fix TVServer ChannelState.DoSetChannelStates unknown error
- Fix return to GUIPicture after playing picture and video
- Slow Music start when hit play on big folder
- Fix restore MP on wrong screen
- No special characters in the EPG
- Wrong Teletext subtitle ratio when using DPIAware
- Fix potential SQL upgrade issues and improve the statement(s)
* Improvement/Rework
- Redirect direct call to bass in one place.
- Remove LastFM Radio plugin, functions and skinfiles
- EPG TV Rec Programming Recording Conflict Shows only first hit
* New Feature
- Add possibility to Deploy Tool to upgrade MySQL dB
* Task
- Bump version number and set log level to INFO for MP 1.8.0 Final
* Documentation Sub-Task
- Documentation for "Remove LastFM Radio plugin, functions and skinfiles"
- Documentation for "Fix EXIF rotation with special character"