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Scarica MediaPortal 2.1

MediaPortal 2.1

Da Team MediaPortal  (Open Source)
Valutazione dell'utente

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Sappiamo quanto sia importante mantenere la sicurezza online, quindi FileHippo utilizza la tecnologia di scansione antivirus fornita da Avira per garantire che tutti i download su FileHippo siano sicuri. Il programma che stai per scaricare può essere installato sul dispositivo in sicurezza.


No play/pause indicator displayed when pausing or continuing a video.
DirectoryEntryNeighborhoodBrwoser throws exceptions in a Domain environment.
OnlineLibraries: Converting to/from unix date can fail for some localisations.
Erroneous closing tag in BV SlimTvClient-schedulelist.xaml.
VirtualizingWrapPanel allocates all items when restortng state.
Scroll animations can break looping to first/last item.
BluRay ISO files are alternately added and removed at each importer run.
Multi-episode files: episode numbers not sorted in summary.
Single items cannot be added to playlist.
WASAPI not working for sample rates > 48 kHz.
Trakt: Add bi-directional synchronization.
Removing shares not working well.
Installer is not removing TrayLauncher and ServiceMonitor.
Weather: Detect city fails.
Tray Launcher displays wrong "Autostart" status.
Certain Asian language characters not displaying.
Graphics device reset when navigating in Music Cover View.
NetworkNeighborhoodBrowser displays all kind of objects in domain environments.
MPEG codec causes MP2 to freeze when switching AC3 source.
Music Filtering: Album with multi-tagged artist entries is not correctly sorted.
Cannot play Audio and DVD discs from physical drive.
Cannot select video stream in multi-stream files.
Audio channel mapping of 5.0 files is wrong.
Cannot play BluRay ISO files.
Occasionally no TV picture when changing channels.
Importer should ignore leading spaces in media tags.
Timer controlled models can cause crash on shutdown.
Album Artist filter returns track artists instead.
Trim audio tags during import.
Importer sometimes assigns Album Artist picture instead Artist.
Remote Client cannot delete TV recordings.
Importer is not releasing DVD/BR iso's.
Updating user play data fails in some cases.
Taglib is not correctly reading variable bit rate information.
HttpServer deadlock on shutdown.
Player Control shows wrong duration.
DVB-T radio playback not working.
DVD folder structure data is removed/readded during import.
Subtitles can't be turned off again in Live TV.
Title is not shown in the footer for videos.
OSD doesn't show up on info press.
New Feature:
Add a service to allow server plugins to notify clients of state changes.
Simplify change of logging level.
EPG is not automatically updating when time elapses.
Add splitter configuration functionality to settings.
Add 'Disc' as additional filter level.
Extend Fanart download to include thumb picture.
Update CurrentAPI of effected components prior to MP2.1 release.
Restore original 2.1 splash screen.
Remove unnecessary Dokan-related strings from language files.
ServiceMonitor's main window is displayed for a short time even if -m argument is used.
Visual Indicator, when MP2 is recording.
Fix audio "sort by album artists".
Upgrade Dokan 1.0.0 to Dokan 1.0.1.
Adjust BV skin settings similar to WMC implementation.
Audio device selection shows too many devices.
Consolidate menu texts in Filter/Sort/Group dialogues.
Update SQLite to 1.0.104.
Optimise Media Library methods for importing and updating media items.
Add configuration for share watchers.
Upgrade Bass libraries.
Add thumb support for movies and series.
Rework UI audio player settings.
Extend WorkflowManager service to easily execute actions.
Upgrade Dokan 1.0.1 to Dokan 1.0.3.
Upgrade LAV 0.68.1 to latest version.