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Dropbox 3.10.7

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- Improved network utilization on downloads for fast internet connections.
- More hiding options for the Badge - now you can hide with a click for one window. To bring it back, simply reopen the file.
- Easily move files into Dropbox with the Badge [this option appears on saving a file, and is being rolled out to a subset of users]
- Now, for shared files, the Badge notifies you if your collaborators made changes since the last time you opened the file [this is being rolled out to a subset of users]
- [Windows] The view comments context menu option in File Explorer now opens a dedicated comments window instead of taking you to the Dropbox website.
- [Windows] New onboarding after signing into an account during a new install.
- Sign into when you’re signed into the desktop client. (1)
- Fixed issue syncing files with certain versions of AutoCAD.
- Upgraded to Python 2.7.10.
- Many small fixes and improvements.
- Fix issues with inconsistent LAN sync performance.