Télécharger Zoom Player FREE 12.1 RC3

Zoom Player Home  12.1 RC3

Par Inmatrix  (Logiciel contributif)
Note des utilisateurs

- You can now assign custom functions to XInput (e.g. XBOX controller) left and right thumb stick clicks. By default the left and right thumb clicks do nothing.
- New media library category setting to completely disable the category from scraping for metadata.
- Three new extended functions:
* exSeekAheadPercent : Seek Ahead (percent of duration)
* exSeekBackPercent : Seek Back (percent of duration)
* exSeekToPercent : Seek To (percent of duration)
- The XInput advanced options dialog section has been restructured.
- Some sections of the options dialog now more clearly turn to a "disabled" state when a parent setting that enables the functionality is turned off.
- Content images used in Zoom Player FREE now come in full 1080p HD resolution (Zoom Player MAX already included the higher resolution images).
- Mouse wheel action was broken in the media library when used in lists.
- Fixed a "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error when pressing enter on an entry in the playlist fullscreen navigation interface.
- Fixed a "List index out of bounds" error that triggered by bad audio visualization configuration.

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