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SMPlayer 15.11.0

Par The SMPlayer Project  (Source libre)
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Journal des changements

* Fix for YouTube.
* (Experimental) Support for YouTube live streams.
* The thumbnail generator is much faster now.
* New options to seek to the previous or next subtitle (mpv only).
* New option to select the image format for the screenshots (mpv only).
* Fix a crash when changing the GUI.
* New option that allows to center the window automatically.
* A tooltip is now displayed in the time slider with the corresponding time of the mouse position.
* (Find subtitles) New option to specify if the language code should be appended to the subtitle filename.
* (Windows) The main window will be centered if it's partially outside of the desktop after an auto resize.
* When adding files to the playlist the first item is moved to its correct place in the list.
* (Experimental) New action to start/stop capturing the playback stream. The captured stream will be saved to the folder specified in the smplayer.ini option capture_directory with the name capture_NNNN.dump. It only works correctly with mpeg. With other formats the dumped stream won't play back.
* Disable the extrastereo and karaoke filters when using mpv.