Télécharger phpMyAdmin 4.0.1

phpMyAdmin  4.0.1

Par phpMyAdmin devel team  (Logiciel gratuit)
Note des utilisateurs

- Import broken for CSV using LOAD DATA
- When login fails and error display is active, login data is displayed
- [import] Web server upload directory import fails
- [import] Server upload folder import file name missing in success message
- [auth] Add retry button on connection failure with config auth
- [interface] Provide feedback if no columns selected for multi-submit
- [interface] Incorrect select field change on ctrl key navigation in Firefox
- [browse] display_binary_as_hex option causes unexpected behavior
- Git commit links to Github missing
- CSP WARN in Firefox console
- Setup script warning for config auth (stored login data) shows link BBcode
- [browse] Fixed getting BLOB data
- [export] Custom Exporting exports all databases
- [import] Import of CSV FIle to selected table doesn't work
- Browsing an empty table should not display its Structure
- Calendar widget improperly redirects to home
- [interface] Missing scrollbar (original theme)
- [vendor] add tcpdf path to vendor_config.php
- bug fix compat with tcpdf >= 6.0 (tested with 6.0.012)

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