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Télécharger PeaZip 2.7.0

PeaZip 2.7.0

Par Giorgio Tani  (Source libre)
Note des utilisateurs

Qu'est-ce que la garantie de sûreté FileHippo ?


Nous savons à quel point il est important de rester en sécurité en ligne, c'est pourquoi FileHippo utilise une technologie de balayage antivirus fournie par Avira pour aider à garantir la sécurité de l'ensemble des téléchargements sur FileHippo. Le programme que vous êtes sur le point de télécharger sur votre appareil est sûr.


#2.7 line is focused to a major GUI update, featuring a clearer taskbar, and compression and extraction stages with a simpler, task oriented interface, whithout losing the flexibility of composing job's layout from multiple sources and ability to toggle between browser and job definition mode as in previous versions of the program.

#In PeaZip 2.7 it is possible to save/restore layouts also for extraction jobs (not only for compression), simplifying saving and restoring previously definited backup or restore tasks, and to compress files/folders into individual archives from archive creation interface; it is also possible (optionally) to open automatically the output path after extraction/compression operations, like some other archivers does.

#FreeArc backend is updated with new 0.51 version, allowing creation of self-extracting ARC archives, and 7z backend is updated to 9.07.

#PAQ, LPAQ and ZPAQ are supported for archiving and extraction; ZPAQ support is still partial, allowing only saving and restoring to original full paths (recommended for backup/restore only, rather than for general purpose archiving tasks).

#On Linux, .desktop files (KDE) and Nautilus scripts (Gnome; needs to be manually copied in script's folder) were updated to use the new extraction dialog.

#Windows installer was updated to create context menu's extraction entries only for archive types, and to restore association of ZIP files with Compressed Folder utility when PeaZip is uninstalled.

#A total of 95 file extensions are supported.