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Télécharger PeaZip 2.6.2

PeaZip 2.6.2

Par Giorgio Tani  (Source libre)
Note des utilisateurs

Qu'est-ce que la garantie de sûreté FileHippo ?


Nous savons à quel point il est important de rester en sécurité en ligne, c'est pourquoi FileHippo utilise une technologie de balayage antivirus fournie par Avira pour aider à garantir la sécurité de l'ensemble des téléchargements sur FileHippo. Le programme que vous êtes sur le point de télécharger sur votre appareil est sûr.


# p7zip backend updated to 9.04 (Linux)
# tightened sanitization of input strings in PeaZip GUI, as security fix against
a class of possible attacks based on code injection (ref:
http://secunia.com/advisories/35352/ http://milw0rm.com/exploits/8881 original
submission: http://retrogod.altervista.org/). To attack previos releases an
attacker could build archives containing objects with nonvalid filenames,
containing concatenated commands in the filename "hidden" to the user by making
the filename very long with spaces to trick users in non reading the latter part
of the name. If unaware users had downloaded such archive and doubleclicked or
otherwise opened the archived file entry containing the concatenated command,
would have put in execution the command (with current user rights). Fixes:

* check file/dir names for:
o non-allowed characters (0..31)
o reserved characters
o reserved file names
o unusual spacing (5 consecutive or more, like in 7-Zip GUI), as may
be intended to trick user hiding real filename
* check command string immediately before execution for:
o non-allowed characters
o reserved characters for command concatenation (|<>), not used by
PeaZip GUI
o unusual spacing