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Descargar Shareaza


Por Shareaza Development Team  (Open Source)
Valoración de los usuarios

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Sabemos lo importante que resulta mantenerse seguro en la red, y por ello FileHippo utiliza la tecnología de escaneado de virus que Avira proporciona para asegurar que todas las descargas realizadas por medio de FileHippo son seguras. Es seguro instalar en tu dispositivo el programa que estás a punto de descargar.


* Network support
- Added support for eMule search links i.e. ed2k://|search|text_to_find|/
- Fixed error when seeded file uploading via gnutella.
- Fix eD2k download sources not being sorted properly when they update our position in their queue.
- Fix a couple of wrong lengths in download fragment selection.
- Fix too many hits being added to query hit packets. (G2)
- Advertise all available ranges to G1/2 clients. Optimise range string generation.
- Fix gnutella source exchange sending wrongly formatted sources
- Fix reflecting gnutella sources back to client
- Fix for eD2k & HTTP fragmented file assignment for partial file uploads.
- Added own IP address acquiring on every successful incoming and outgoing connect.
- Fixed Shareaza never updating to GWCs with no hosts. (ticket #99)
- Fixed stuck downloads when many seeding torrents presents.
- Relaxed too strict network anti-hammering protection.
- Implemented new UPnP/NAT port mapping method.
- Implemented UPnP runtime controlling (it restores changed port mappings).
- Added periodic refresh of UPnP port mappings (default 30 minutes, new option "Connection.UPnPRefreshTime").
- Updated Default services files
- Fixed debug assert when Shareaza tries to upload torrent download to non-BitTorrent client.
- Added support for uTorrent Peer Exchange UT PEX. (ivan386) (BitTorrent)
- Added support for tracker exchange ("lt_tex"). (BitTorrent)
- Changed Hub-rating calculation (added free memory bonus, 64-bit bonus, halfed multi-processor bonus).
- Fixed wrong sending of HAW packet on connecting. (G2)
- Added protection against query hammering.
- Added G2_PACKET_RETRY_AFTER-part to query ack packets.
- General.MinTransfersRest option defaulted to 50 ms and enforced.
- Deprecated Bandwidth.HubUploads option, now Hub upload limit set to 50% (when Uploads.HubUnshare option is on).
- Fixed bug that caused some Hubs to not to accept leaf connections and therefore stay at 0 leaves all the time. (So-called 0-leaf bug; ticket #127)
- Fixed false positive torrent encoding error.
- Fixed packet parsing in CChatSession. (G2)

* DC++ support
- Implemented limited DC++ support. It can/has:
> Connect to DC++ Hubs in active mode
> Show all commands in system log
> Search for files on Hub
> Answer on incoming searches
> Upload Library files
> Upload Library file list (files.xml.bz2)
> Mount file lists as Library collections.
> Log DC++ UDP packets
> Support for DC++ redirection command ($ForceMove)
> Support for DC++ user bad name command ($ValidateDenide)
> Some support for the DC++ password command ($GetPass)
> Support of DC++ "$ADCGET list" command
> Download
> Search
> Support for download and upload queues
> Experimental support for overlapped upload requests
> Import "hublist.xml.bz2" files by dropping it to Shareaza or opening them via the Host Cache.
> DC++ URL support
- Created "dcfile://" URL handler. Its new nonstandard URL type defines direct DC++ download. Format: "dcfile://HubIP:HubPort/User/TTH:FileTigerTreeRootHash/FileSize/".
- Added "DC++" to vendors cache.

* Crash fixes
- Fixed crash caused by bad Italian translation.
- Fixed tray popup crash.
- Fixed crash when bad data found in crash log.
- Fixed Shareaza crash during playing of damaged video.
- Fixed crash during .mp3 ID3 tag parsing with invalid Genre field.
- Fixed crash caused by bad BitTorrent packet.
- Fixed rare crash when user quickly selects views of Library.
- Fixed scheduler crash when "hang-up connection" task found more than one Internet connection.
- Fixed rare crash when library remotely browsed and updated at same time.
- Added workaround for plugin crash on Shareaza exit.
- Workaround for download preview crash on cancel.
- Fixed incoming browse request crash when some Library files were deleted outside Shareaza before that.

* Internal and functional changes
- Added /RegServerPerUser and /UnRegServerPerUser command line switches.
- Better handling of unsupported codecs in Shareaza Media Player plugin.
- Optimized library search by hash.
- Added more strict file equality comparison by hash, size and name.
- Fixed a bug that made the job times change within the scheduler if the computer was turned on later than the time at which a specific task had been scheduled.
- Improved GFLReader plugin's image loading process.
- Added faster and more robust way of closing Shareaza during hashing process.
- Added more protection against downloads overload (too many sources, bad settings etc.).
- Enhanced Scheduler shut-down mechanism.
- Added dropped UDP packets debug logging.
- Added new option "Connection.IgnoreOwnUDP" to ignore own datagrams (helps debugging).
- Optimized compressing and decompressing of memory blocks.
- Optimized SQLite interfaces.
- Renamed "Gnutella2.QueryHostThrottle" option to "Gnutella2.QueryThrottle", "eDonkey.QueryServerThrottle" to "eDonkey.QueryThrottle". Removed "Gnutella1.RequeryDelay" option.
- Changed "Connection.EnableUPnP" option default to "true".
- Optimized Security object.
- Updated VirusTotal plugin, uses new www.virustotal.com API compatible with any browser.
- Added using of delay loaded DLLs.
- Added ogv, webm, oga to audio/video schemas
- Added low I/O priority for some file operations (Transfers, Library Builder, Download Tasks) under Vista and above.
- Optimized download previews.
- Fixed invalid metadata extraction when .mp3-file has empty IDv2.
- Fixed XML parsing for Bitzi. Library.PreferAPETags option deprecated.
- Fixed DocumentReader and RatDVDPlugin plugins. Enforced XML checks.
- Optimized internal metadata builder. Library.ScanMPC option deprecated.
- Added skin images caching (now less memory used).
- Reduced Shareaza start-up time (postponed all starting threads).
- Did some updates to the media player
- Updated default security file (removed .wmv/.wma and private net)
- Updated GeoIP database
- Updated SQlite 3.5.8 -> 3.7.4
- Updated BZip 1.0.5 -> 1.0.6
- Updated Zlib 1.2.3 -> 1.2.5

* Graphical / GUI changes
- Fixed Smart Download Preview window which did not close automatically or got stuck sometimes
- Fixed cut lines in IRC Chat Window.
- Fixed IRC window updates when Apply button pressed in Settings dialog.
- Changed option "Settings.IRC.Timestamp" to "on" by default.
- Fixed library files 48x48 icons loading.
- Improved MediaPlayer recovery after codec crash.
- Fix completed downloads being filtered from download control, optimised filtering
- Made hash progress window flexible.
- Changed the way download sources are coloured (colours generated randomly).
- Added interface elements for DC++.
- Added new GUI behavior: "Library" button now switches views between "Folders" and "Organizer" starting from second click.
- Library views now remembers its selected folders.
- Updated Flags. Added country flags to Host Cache window. Fixed bad sized protocol icons of Neighbours Window.
- Patch to show source counts by real source count + alternate source counts in the search results.
- Library now has initial selections as Default Download folder for Folders view and Favorites album for Organizer view.
- Added BitTorrent packet dumps.
- Improved packet dumps.
- Updated lots of stuff on the Scheduler.
- Fixed selection of user media players, now an unlimited number of custom players is supported.
- Unified file execution process, enforced its security, added "too many files" confirmation (for Play Album button).
- Added automatic detection of media players (AIMP2, GOM Player, MPlayer, SMPlayer, etc.).
- Relaxed reaction on skin load error, now in most cases Shareaza agreed to load incomplete skin. Added more skin validation checks.
- Added language file early loading (so command-line options and splash dialog can now be translated too).
- Added Shareaza self-restart on language change.
- Added new command-line option "-wait" - Shareaza will wait for another Shareaza instance exit and then continue execution.
- Added command-line transmission from second Shareaza instance to first (to open files without using DDE for example as FireFox does).
- Host (from Host Cache) now can use DNS-name also (was IP address only).
- Added full-screen application detection to prevent hash window show.
- Fixed tooltip flicker effect. Download and Upload tips made more dynamic.
- Added completed download move indicator.
- Added more detailed Gnutella query statistics: old "Gnutella Local Queries" divided by "Gnutella Incoming Queries" (all incoming packets) and "Gnutella Processed Queries" (good and accepted for feature processing packets).
- Added Shareaza logo to background in Window Mode. Removed all default windows in Window Mode.
- Fixed Neighbours window Time column sorting.
- Updated a lot of icons on various places.
- Fixed and optimized remote interface.
- Fixed Skin colour duplicate calculations.
- Fixed missed Library interface updates when file metadata was changed.

* Installer
- Added "No Banner" skin to setup.
- Fixed Shareaza internal components and associations registration under limited user and administrative accounts. (Now everyone should be able to see and use all plugins again.)
- Added X-Mas skin.

* Updated languages:
- Dutch (roestvrijstaal)
- French (zigozag)
- Russian (raspopov/Ryo-oh-ki)

* And last but not least...
- Fixed lots of minor bugs, made thousands of smaller optimizations ... and got rid of half a million of crashes not named above. Of course, we did also create some new ones, else it wouldn't be fun any more. :)
- Made lots of smaller changes for VS2010 support
- Fixed lots of compiler warnings
- Updated copyright info in some of our files which did still mention shareaza*com.
- Created new SkinUpdate utility. It can test resources for validity, extract string tables from RC-file and save the result as XML-file.