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Wir wissen, wie wichtig es ist, online geschützt zu sein, deshalb nutzt FileHippo Virenscantechnologie von Avira, um sicherzustellen, dass alle Downloads auf FileHippo frei von Schadsoftware sind. Das Programm, das sie gerade herunterladen wollen, kann ohne Bedenken auf Ihrem Gerät installiert werden.


# The following items were fixed and/or added:

* VMM: properly terminate the VM with an error if the guest is trying to switch to the PAE mode but PAE is disabled in the VM settings
* GUI: switch to native file dialogs (Windows hosts only; bug #5459)
* GUI: don't use native file dialogs on KDE hosts (Linux hosts only; bug #6809)
* 3D support: fixed GL_EXT_texture_sRGB support
* PXE: fixed ZENworks PXE boot regression
* OVF: fixed slower export and larger images under certain circumstances (3.2.6 regression; bug #7073)
* USB: properly signal an interrupt if the port suspend status changes
* USB: respect the remote-only filter
* USB: avoid VM hang when changing the configuration of certain devices (Windows hosts only)
* USB: fix a crash with older Linux kernels and non-ASCII characters in device strings (Linux hosts only; bug #6983)
* PageFusion: fixed conflict with the guest execution feature
* PageFusion: fixed stability issues with a large number of VMs
* PageFusion: fixed host crashes with guest SMP and Win64 guests
* Memory ballooning: fixed problems restoring VMs with pre-allocation enabled
* Bridged networking: fixed performance issue with GRO enabled on bridged device (bug #7059)
* Hostonly networking: fixed performance issue (3.2.6 regression; bug #7081)
* Hard disks: fix auto-reset of immutable disk at VM startup (bug #6832)
* BusLogic: several fixes for Windows NT/2000 and SCO OpenServer guests
* LsiLogic: fixed I/O errors under rare circumstances
* Sharing disks: support for attaching one disk to several VMs without external tools and tricks
* Shared folders: several fixes and performance enhancements for Solaris guests (bugs #4154 and #6512)
* Solaris Installer: added support for remote installations
* Guest Properties API: correctly support enumerating the properties of a running VM with an empty "patterns" field (bug #7171)
* Guest properties: properly delete transient properties on shutdown
* RDP video redirection performance improvements and stability fixes
* Settings: silently fix host audio driver when reading machine XML settings files or OVF written by VirtualBox on a different host OS, for example convert DirectSound to PulseAudio (bug #7209)
* Settings: properly store the NAT network setting in XML settings file version 1.10 and later (bug #6176)
* VBoxManage: handle differencing images with parent UUID correctly in subcommand openmedium disk (bug #6751)
* Web service: enabled HTTP keepalive for much better performance
* Web service: added timestamps to logging output
* Web service: treat 8-bit strings as UTF-8 not ASCII
* X11 Additions: fix for Xorg 6.8 guests (e.g. RHEL4)