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PeaZip 5.8.0

Von Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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- Updated to 7z 15.07, adding support to QUEMU, VirtualBox, and VMWare virtual machine's disk image formats
- "Free Software compliance" directive (Options > Advanced, previosly named LIBRE_DIRECTIVE) can be either set in configuration or hardcoded at compile time (HLIBRE_DIR const) 1 allow only use of Free Software components 2 allow only use of Free Software components and open archive formats (not encumbered by patents for read nor for write)
- Various fixes
(Windows) Improved UTF-8 support.PeaZip can now create and extract archives with UTF-8 filenames, both from application and from system context menu browsing archives with UTF-8 filenames is possible but it is still under development (warning icon is displayed) console tab shows if action can be exported as script ANSI-safe (can run on legacy systems regardless the encoding), codepage-safe (can run on legacy systems with same codepage of original device), or if requires full UTF-8 environment (system, command/script interpreter) Some file management functions now supports UTF-8 filenames
- Improved password management:
> If password is set to not being kept for the entire session, it is cleared after every operation (archiving, extraction, browsing the filesystem) except while browsing archive file, as password may be needed for listing the archive content
> Number of files/folders selected for cut/copy is displayed in Clipboard panel and in status bar's hint
# 188 file extensions supported
- Added support for CPGZ, GPT (GUID Partition Table), QCOW2 QUEMU image, VMDK VMWare Virtual Machine Disk, VDI Oracle VirtualBox Virtual Drive Image