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如果您注重网络隐私、安全,并且希望将潜在的窥视者拒之门外,那么 VPN(虚拟私人网络)是您必不可少的软件。VPN 应用程序通过创建私人互联网网络,或通向某个服务器的“通道”来工作。该服务器可以位于您所在的国家,或者世界上的任何一个角落。通过 VPN 传送的所有数据流量都是加密的,所以无法被拦截。我们提供大量免费的 VPN 软件,许多发行商还提供付费的升级版本,如果您需要更高的安全性或额外的数据流量,可以选择付费升级。立即下载,且最大程度保证您的网络隐私。

下载 Avast SecureLine VPN

Avast SecureLine VPN

Avast Software - 13.80MB (商业试用版)
In today's security conscious world, it makes good sense to use a VPN while online. VPNs can mask your identity, protect your privacy, and let you a...
下载 AVG Secure VPN

AVG Secure VPN

AVG Technologies - 18.93MB (商业试用版)
AVG Secure VPN provides your PC with a secure and private internet connection without any restrictions. By using the app you can protect your intern...
下载 Hamachi


LogMeIn Inc - 8.73MB (免费软件)
LogMeIn Hamachi is a VPN service that easily sets up in 10 minutes, and enables secure remote access to your business network, anywhere there's an Int...
下载 Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN

Radmin - 20.18MB (免费软件)
From the authors of Radmin and Advanced IP Scanner, Radmin VPN is a free and easy-to-use software product which creates a virtual private network (VPN...
下载 Avira Free Phantom VPN

Avira Free Phantom VPN

Avira GmbH - 5.17MB (免费软件)
A virtual private network (VPN) that masks your identity, protects your privacy, and grants you access to favorite web content wherever you are. ...
下载 Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN

Buffered - 47KB (商业试用版)
Buffered VPN is a secure VPN service that allows you to experience the internet as it should be. It works to protect your internet activity and person...
下载 Business VPN by KeepSolid

Business VPN by KeepSolid

KeepSolid - 30.99MB (Commercial Purchase)
Business VPN by KeepSolid aims to allow companies to take control of their network and enjoy a plethora of benefits for their different needs. Promisi...
下载 CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost - 64KB (商业试用版)
CyberGhost VPN is a truly complete virtual private network (VPN) solution. It provides a fast VPN service with advanced privacy features and malware p...
下载 Express VPN

Express VPN

ExpressVPN - 34KB (商业试用版)
ExpressVPN is a powerful anonymous VPN packed full of features. It uses military-grade encryption and comes with a ton of features to enhance your pri...
下载 FastestVPN


FastestVPN - 108KB (Commercial Purchase)
Use coupon code 'privacyplease' for an extra 5% discount! In a climate where personal data breaches and data misuse are common topics in the news, ...