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随着网络犯罪的增加和黑客新闻的屡见报道,文件加密软件已经变得前所未有的重要。幸运的是,FileHippo 提供最好的加密软件,随附丰富功能,保证您的数据安全。各种知名产品可供您选择,包括 Folder LockTrueCryptAnvi Folder Locker。这些数据加密解决方案可以保护文件、文件夹和驱动器,加密您运行中的重要文件、实时备份文件、保护便携式磁盘,同时还可以粉碎文件和驱动器、清理历史记录等众多功能!立即了解我们的免费文件加密软件产品系列,以智能的方式保护您的数据。

下载 Lock USB

Lock USB

Lock USB Inc. - 119KB (共享软件)
Lock USB is another one of those classic pieces of software that doesn’t really any explanation. The clue to what Lock USB is, is in the title. Lock...
下载 Password Boss

Password Boss

Password Boss - 241KB (商业试用版)
Password security is paramount when using online services. Your passwords are the keys to your digital life and need to be guarded strongly. That’s wh...
下载 Password Manager XP

Password Manager XP

CP-Lab - 2.47MB (商业试用版)
Password Manager XP is a handy little tool that lets you create secure, encrypted databases to store information in. Each database can be given an acc...
下载 Password Memory

Password Memory

Code:Aero Technologies - 9.04MB (免费软件)
Today, we all have a long list of websites and apps that require a seemingly endless array of login details and passwords to access them. Keeping tr...
下载 Password Safe

Password Safe

Rony Shapiro - 12.31MB (开放源代码)
Password Safe allows you to manage your old passwords and to easily and quickly generate, store, organize, retrieve, and use complex new passwords, us...
下载 Password Storer

Password Storer

Softromeda, Inc. - 1.96MB (免费软件)
Password Storer is a password manager designed for those people who both struggle to remember all their different passwords and who at the same time...
下载 PDF Page Lock

PDF Page Lock

PDF Page Lock - 11.35MB (免费软件)
PDF Page Lock enables users to lock or hide selected pages of a PDF document with a password. With PDF Page Lock, users could hide or lock selected pa...
下载 Perfecto Encryptor

Perfecto Encryptor

Black Bird Cleaner Software - 783KB (商业试用版)
Perfecto Encryptor is a fast and user-friendly tool to encrypt your data, keeping it safe and secure. It allows you to encrypt files and folders with ...
下载 Protected Folder

Protected Folder

IObit - 3.06MB (商业试用版)
Protected Folder is a folder and file locker that protects your privacy and important data from theft, loss or leaks. The app is simple to ope...
下载 SafeHouse Personal Edition

SafeHouse Personal Edition

PC Dynamics - 8.41MB (商业试用版)
SafeHouse Personal Edition is a great tool to keep your data private by creating virtual storage volumes to keep nearly all your files and folders s...