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PDF 阅读器和编辑器

PDF 软件形式多样。不过无论您需要下载最好的 PDF 阅读器、PDF 转换器、PDF 查看器还是 PDF 创建器,您都能在 FileHippo 找到。我们的应用程序均拥有各种强大的功能。您可以修改字体颜色和大小、添加文字和图片、拆分合并页面、添加水印、将 PDF 文件转为 Word、HTML、Text、PPT 甚至是 Excel 文件等等。有些程序甚至包含了光学字符识别 (OCR),让您可以将扫描的文件和图片转为可搜索和编辑的 PDF 文件!立即全部了解。 参阅与最佳 PDF 软件下载项相关的指南

下载 Icecream Ebook Reader

Icecream Ebook Reader

icecream apps - 28.16MB (免费软件)
Icecream Ebook Reader allows users to add multiple books to the application to create a personalized library. Users can mark books as Favourites a...
下载 Icecream PDF Converter

Icecream PDF Converter

icecream apps - 126.09MB (免费软件)
Icecream PDF Converter is a free app that lets you convert files from PDF and to PDF, with an easy to use interface that has multiple advanced feature...
下载 Icecream PDF Editor

Icecream PDF Editor

icecream apps - 17.83MB (免费软件)
Icecream PDF Editor allows the user to manage and tinker with PDF files “easier than ever before”. It gives you access to all the editing modes and to...
下载 Icecream PDF Split&Merge

Icecream PDF Split&Merge

icecream apps - 18.88MB (免费软件)
Icecream PDF Split&Merge is a free tool for splitting and merging PDF files. There are 4 split mode available to choose from: into single-page files, ...
下载 Kiwi FREE PDF Comparer

Kiwi FREE PDF Comparer

Jose A Rivero - 23.54MB (免费软件)
Kiwi PDF Comparer has nothing to do with real Kiwis or any other species of flightless bird. We can also confirm that no Kiwis were harmed in the ma...
下载 Nitro PDF Pro

Nitro PDF Pro

Nitro PDF, Inc. - ()
With Nitro Pro you can open, review, covert and create PDF files. It also comes with stacks of features that make Nitro Pro one of the better PDF appl...
下载 Nitro Productivity Suite

Nitro Productivity Suite

Nitro PDF Pty. Ltd - 1.17MB (商业试用版)
Click here and use coupon code 'CW1840GEN' to get 40% off the Nitro Productivity Suite! Offer ends 30th November! Nitro Productivity Suite has ...
下载 openPDF Editor

openPDF Editor

openTrends Systems Solutions - 15.37MB (开放源代码)
openPDF allows users to view/modify PDF documents and forms. Barcode generation, data extraction and signature validation can also be accomplished w...
下载 PDF Combine

PDF Combine

CoolUtils - 29.47MB (商业试用版)
PDF Combine is a powerful application that can turn multiple PDF files into one single document that you may organize and share as you need to. There ...
下载 PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor

Abelssoft - 10.51MB (商业试用版)
PDF Compressor, from Abelssoft, is a useful utility that lets you compress Portable Document Format files to a custom size, either individually or i...