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无论您是专业的开发人员,还是业余爱好者,我们可为您提供各种编码应用程序和编程软件,包括从HTML 编辑器虚拟机数据库应用程序等一系列产品。这些工具功能全面,包括搭建 Ruby 和 Rails 的环境、Python 应用程序以及 HTML、CSS 和 JavaScript 编辑。正在寻找数据库应用程序吗?试试各种免费软件,进行分区,提升性能,管理超大数据库环境,开展基于行的复制/混合式复制,改善复制安全性等等。马上探索我们的全线产品,尽在 FileHippo。

下载 dbForge Studio for MySQL

dbForge Studio for MySQL

Devart - 38.33MB (商业试用版)
dbForge Studio for MySQL is the universal MySQL and MariaDB front-end client for database management, administration and development. It provides ut...
下载 dbMonitor


Devart - 1.26MB (开放源代码)
dbMonitor is a feature rich set of tools for rapid and convenient database profiling. It lets you monitor the different processes at the same time; ...
下载 DCP Setup Maker

DCP Setup Maker

jackred - 15.99MB (开放源代码)
DCP Setup Maker is a powerful cross platform application that is able to create stable Java installers. The user interface is very intuitive and is ve...
下载 DEV-C++


orwelldevcpp - 48.10MB (开放源代码)
Dev-C++ is a feature rich IDE, which comes complete with compiler for creating software in C++. It is a fork of the original Bloodshed Dev-C++ envir...
下载 Dictionary.NET


Fish’s dotNET - 514KB (免费软件)
Everybody needs to check the meaning of a word or a sentence in a foreign language from time-to-time. For those quick translations, Dictionary.NET is ...
下载 DirectX SDK

DirectX SDK

Microsoft - 571.68MB (免费软件)
DirectX is the key multimedia handler on Microsoft-based computers, game consoles or smartphones. It consists of various APIs such as Direct3D, Dire...
下载 DNN CMS Platform

DNN CMS Platform

DNN Corp - 64.85MB (免费软件)
DNN is a content management system that is consistently being actively developed through the efforts of a huge community of developers that contribu...
下载 dotConnect for MySQL

dotConnect for MySQL

Devart - 71.94MB (商业试用版)
dotConnect for MySQL, formerly known as MyDirect .NET, is an enhanced ORM enabled data provider for MySQL that builds on ADO.NET technology to present...
下载 Dr Java

Dr Java

The DrJava Team - 12.38MB (开放源代码)
DrJava is a lightweight application that provides an intuitive programming environment, which assists students in creating their own Java applicatio...
下载 Easy XML Editor

Easy XML Editor

Richard Wuerflein - 5.97MB (商业试用版)
Easy XML Editor is a lightweight XML-Editor that has been designed for comfortable and simplified editing of XML. It shows XML in a well structured ...
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