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下载 App Cleaner 5.1

App Cleaner 5.1

Nektony  (商业演示版)

App Cleaner is a simple utility that is able to find and uninstall apps on macOS. With App Cleaner you can remove apps entirely and clear all their service files. You can even find and delete the remnants of service files of previously removed apps.

Key Features include:

  • Uninstall apps completely.
  • Remove all types of service files.
  • Remove remains of previously uninstalled apps.
  • Reset application to a first-launch state.
  • Clear cache files and free up your disk space with App Cleaner.
  • Scan the system and preview installed applications.
  • Easy-to-use shortcuts.
  • Any file or app quick preview.
  • Specific app-associated file formats preview.
  • In-app help assistance.
  • Show unused applications.
  • Skip list option.

With a utility such as App Cleaner you can gain back lost space and speed up Your Mac by deleting apps' that take up valuable real estate on your system.

*This is a Commercial Demo of the app and the ability to remove apps and the remains of apps is a feature of the pro version.

标题: App Cleaner 5.1
文件名: App Cleaner
文件大小: 173KB (177,044 字节)
要求: Mac OS X
语言: 多种语言
许可证: 商业演示版
加入日期: 六月 25,2018
作者: Nektony
MD5 校验和: 4356758E3D3918977ED98FCD4AE4BFF6

Web Browser Extensions management feature improved.
Drag & Drop applications for uninstall feature added.
Applications without bundle identifier are supported to uninstall.
Complex applications and groups of applications supported to uninstall.
Changed the way App Cleaner shows messages and news.
Built-in searching apps by name improved.
Applications' icons removal improved.
Feedback form improved.
Built-in Help and Helpdesk system updated.
Minor user interface improvements made.
Several user-reported issues fixed.
More new macOS applications supported for clean up and uninstall.