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Mac 恶意软件移除工具

还记得我们曾认为 Mac 上不需要安装防病毒保护程序吗?那时,Mac 对病毒、恶意软件和间谍软件具有免疫能力。然而,现在已经时过境迁了。尽管 macOS 可以对此类威胁提供一定的防御,但事实上,只要您使用苹果的设备,您就应该安装最新的 Mac 防病毒软件。幸运的是,FileHippo 提供 Mac 使用的各种防病毒保护软件,包括最一流的恶意软件防护和 Mac 防间谍软件程序。立即了解我们的全部产品,要知道从 Mac 移除病毒的最好方法就是从一开始就把它们拒之门外! 参阅与最佳 Mac 防病毒软件相关的指南

下载 ClamXav


Mark Allan - 18.31MB (商业试用版)
If you own a Mac, you're far less likely to have a virus scanner than a Windows user. For many years, Mac users have relied on the fact that Macs just...
下载 Sophos


Sophos Ltd. - 92.47MB (免费软件)
Mac users are arguably more lax when it comes to antivirus, but it pays to be protected. Sophos is one of the best known antivirus solutions for Mac O...
下载 AVAST Security Pro for Mac

AVAST Security Pro for Mac

Avast Software - 71KB (Commercial Purchase)
Avast Security Pro for Mac is the professional version of the hugely popular AV program. Efficient and comprehensive, the popularity stems from the ...
下载 AVG Anti-Virus for Mac

AVG Anti-Virus for Mac

AVG Technologies - 201.49MB (免费软件)
AVG AntiVirus for Mac is a top contender for best AntiVirus for the Mac platform. The application is powerful, has stacks of features, and has a frien...
下载 AVG Cleaner for Mac

AVG Cleaner for Mac

AVG Technologies - 40KB (免费软件)
AVG Cleaner for Mac has been specifically designed to remove any unwanted data that has accumulated on your Mac. AVG Cleaner lets you quickly clea...
下载 Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

Avira GmbH - 140.45MB (免费软件)
Avira Free Antivirus for Mac offers a clean and simple to operate user interface, coupled with a powerful heuristics engine. The app is great for ...
下载 Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

BitDefender.com - 15.90MB (商业试用版)
Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac provides absolute protection for your Mac and includes the most advanced cybersecurity technologies in the world. It giv...
下载 Buffered VPN for Mac

Buffered VPN for Mac

Buffered - 47KB (商业试用版)
Buffered VPN for Mac is a secure VPN service that allows you to experience the internet as it should be. It works to protect your internet activity an...
下载 Comodo Antivirus for Mac

Comodo Antivirus for Mac

Comodo - 21.20MB (免费软件)
Comodo is a reliable firm that has been providing security software and firewalls for some time now for Windows based machines, and the offering for...
下载 Disketch Disc Label for Mac

Disketch Disc Label for Mac

NCH Software - 1.90MB (免费软件)
Disketch Disc Label for Mac is a CD and DVD disc labeling app for the Mac platform. With it you can create CD and DVD disc labels and cover images f...