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下载 Snagit for Mac 2018.1.0

Snagit for Mac 2018.1.0

Tech Smith  (商业试用版)

Snagit for Mac lets you grab professional looking screenshots from your Mac. The application is one of the best tools available for the Mac platform. It has lots of configurable options and annotation varieties.

Key features include:

  • Flexible options that let you capture only what you need.
  • Annotation varieties such as arrows, and speech bubbles for capture customization.
  • Versatility in what you do with your capture. Send it to your favorite app, share it online, or save it for later.

Snagit for Mac will let you take professional screenshots from manuals, tutorials or presentations. The powerful screen capturing and image manipulation software records stills and videos. Other than traditional full screen, the capturing area can be set to window, region or scrolling area. A large range of tools allows creative image editing, such as re-sizing, cutting, annotating, coloring, framing and image combining as well as numerous effects like perspective, shadows and page-curl.

Snagit for Mac also supports instant images and video sharing on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or over Email and FTP. Overall, if you need a highly polished screen capture application for the Mac platform, then look no further than Snagit for Mac.

标题: Snagit for Mac 2018.1.0
文件名: Snagit.dmg
文件大小: 265.89MB (278,801,721 字节)
要求: Windows (所有版本)
语言: 多种语言
许可证: 商业试用版
加入日期: 二月 6,2018
作者: Tech Smith
MD5 校验和: 35B5DB3CC6A18A26F6B4F7670768AB54

New Features:
Added Polygon to Shape Tool.
Allows you to create your own multi-sided shapes quickly with our polygon option.
Pasting Text onto the Canvas.
Creates a new text box on the canvas when copying and pasting text from another location.
Additional Changes:
Added ability for autofill to work with spreadsheet grids.
Manual selections now show the size of the selection area.
Improved speed of autofill on large images.
Use the new T-style arrow head to show measurements in the Arrow tool.
Snagit Editor:
Can now choose "Don't show this again" option in the missing captures alert.
Adding or removing outline color in tool properties will now add or remove line width in properties.
Reduced Capture Helper CPU usage when idle.
Escape key allows users to exit the editor when in full-screen mode.
Fixed an issue where arrow keys could not be used to move Smart Move objects.
Added option to suppress notification of “missing fonts in themes” that was showing on every launch of Snagit.
Customize toolbar menu is no longer misaligned on 4k displays.
[macOS 10.13 Only] View-only support for HEIF images.
Fixed auto-suggestions for tagging in the Library.
Fixed an issue where users could only remove one tag at a time on captures in the library.
Fixed an issue where users were unable to embed images into Microsoft Outlook when using Share > Outlook output.
Captures shared to Microsoft PowerPoint will now be added to the current slide, if possible.
Videos can be shared to Microsoft Office Applications.
Turned the FTP tag examples into clickable buttons.
FTP custom code corrected to work with German characters.
Get Started with Snagit button now shows correctly after entering a software key.
[macOS 10.12.6] Entering a Software Key no longer causing Snagit to unexpectedly quit.