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下载 Serial to Ethernet Connector 7.0.609 for PC Windows

Serial to Ethernet Connector 7.0.609

Eltima Software  (商业演示版)

With Serial to Ethernet Connector you can share up to 255 serial devices over your network, thereby turning your computer into a terminal server. With this serial over network solution any device connected to a COM port can be accessed and used from any spot you choose, as if it were physically connected to the local machine.

Key features include:

  • Share serial port for incoming connections.
  • Connect the port to remote host.
  • Share port using UDP connection.

The data sent by serial port devices are transmitted over a TCP/IP network. This is achieved thanks to virtual serial port technology, which emulates a standard COM port's behavior, and subsequently Windows treats the virtual ports as if they were physical ports. Although the ports are treated as physical you are not limited to the quantity of physical COM ports and can create COM port connections without occupying real serial ports.

Serial to Ethernet Connector is a relatively lightweight application that has an intuitive user interface for easier connection creation and connection management. You can set conditions for packets transmission for all connection types, and you can add several remote computers for simultaneous UDP connections.

标题: Serial to Ethernet Connector 7.0.609 for PC Windows
文件名: serial_ethernet_connector.exe
文件大小: 4.69MB (4,917,352 字节)
要求: Windows (所有版本)
语言: 多种语言
许可证: 商业演示版
加入日期: 六月 7,2016
作者: Eltima Software
MD5 校验和: 199A467A7B32DA1B60036D98E2739A4B

* Added: a redesigned interface.
* Added: the ability to export/import the connections configuration (from the GUI as well as the command line).
* Added: the ability to set the size of the buffer or disable buffering altogether.
* Improved: performance when creating multiple virtual COM ports at a time.
* Improved: conditional data sending:
- you can now specify multiple conditions;
- the “Send data when received char with code” condition now accepts characters with ASCII codes above 127.
* Improved: on removing a connection, the virtual COM port is now deleted even when opened.
* Fixed: an issue where the GUI failed to connect to the service after reopening.
* Fixed: incorrect behavior of strict baud rate emulation.
* Fixed: some activation issues.
* Fixed: a crash of the service on attempt to create a virtual COM port with a long name.
* Fixed: a condition where a client connection set to communicate with a large number of servers could disappear after a reboot.
* Fixed: a crash of the GUI on attempt to send a mirror request.
* Fixed: a condition where a server would sometimes start listening for connections when not supposed to (i.e. when configured to start listening only when the COM port is opened, and the port was closed).
* Fixed: the service could become unresponsive on startup on some older processors.
* Fixed: with delayed sending enabled, the data could get split across multiple network packets.
* Fixed: the “Break connection if no activity” option was not functional.
* Fixed: a break signal from a device was not transmitted when using the Telnet protocol.
* Fixed: a few minor bugs related to flow control negotiation.