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下载 SeaMonkey 2.11 Beta 1

SeaMonkey 2.11 Beta 1

Mozilla Organization  (免费软件)

SeaMonkey is a web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple -- all your Internet needs in one application.

  • Tabbed browsing gives you a better way to surf the net. You no longer have to open one page at a time. With tabbed browsing, open several pages at once with one click. Plus, your homepage can be multiple pages, in tabs.
  • Popup blocker lets you surf the web without interruption from annoying ads.
  • Image Manager lets you block images to remove offensive images or speed up the rendering of web sites.
  • Find as you type gives you another way to navigate a page. Just start typing to jump from link to link or to find a word or phrase within a page.
  • Plus all the features a modern browser should have including: Advanced security settings; Password, Download, and Cookie managers; Themes; multi-language and multi-platform support; and, the latest in Web Standards.

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标题: SeaMonkey 2.11 Beta 1
文件名: SeaMonkey Setup 2.11b1.exe
文件大小: 19.25MB (20,188,792 字节)
要求: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
语言: 多种语言
许可证: 免费软件
加入日期: 六月 10,2012
作者: Mozilla Organization
MD5 校验和: 144E724D0359748EEDCBFB4EEAED7605

# Major Changes
* A click-to-play option (pref: plugins.click_to_play, off by default for now) has been implemented for plugins.
# Features
* The Filter Rules editor window now has a splitter that allows to resize its two areas.
* An option (mail.advance_on_spacebar) has been added to prevent space bar from advancing to the next message.
* The Data Manager now supports more of the content blocker permissions.
* A hidden preference (browser.dom.window.console.enabled) has been added to send console.log calls to the Error Console.
* The local directory is now exposed in feed account settings.
* The feed subscribe dialog now allows to copy feeds to other accounts and supports drag&drop from Chrome/Safari links.
* The server name is now shown in Other Folder selections in Copies & Folders.
# Fixes
* Authentication is now retried if the IMAP server dropped the connection.
* An extraneous newline was added after the signature in the compose window.
* Copy Image did not copy the location anymore.
* If the spamActionTargetAccount pref contains invalid data, the user can check the Junk settings again before saving account settings.
* The default account name in now shown in bold in the Account Settings tree of accounts.
* Renaming a folder now takes care of both "Copy to" and "Move to" actions.
* The Windows 7 jump list was using the mail biff icon instead of the html file icon.
* The "remove filter action" button is now disabled when only one action is defined.
* Maildir had some message move/copying issues like missing undo and POP3 filters not working with quarantining.
* The filter editor now prevents deleting and moving the same message or marking as read and unread at the same time, but allows copying to multiple folders now.
* Recent Tags and Recently Bookmarked were flipped when smart bookmarks were updated.
* Attached .eml messages were not shown in the attachment panel if Inline Display was off.
* Trying to open a new tab in a minimized browser window opened a new window instead on Mac OS X.
* Getting messages for a feed account could sometimes fail.
* Opening attached .eml messages listed parent email's attachments, too.
* Opening an attached message from a local message did not run the phishing detector or resize images to fit the screen.
* Messages that had been copied from a local folder to an IMAP server could not be cached properly.
* Doorhangers broke F6 navigation to the location bar.
* The invalid form popup could be positioned badly.
* The favicon was not cleared when a page from location bar history was loaded.
* Special folder names like Sent were not handled as case-insensitive, e.g. causing "Copying to Sent folder" to hang with some IMAP servers.
* Subject content in angle brackets was stripped from the forward inline body when composing HTML.
* Preferences help has been updated for crash report submission control.
* The "Restore [ ] tab(s) at a time" preference did not update correctly.
* The default profile identity is now used when forwarding messages from accounts like RSS which have no identity.
* Printing messages with attached messages did not show their filename.
* Feed subscribe was enhanced (validation of existing feeds, drag & drop fixes ; folder picker path and loading message.

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