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下载 Krita for Mac 4.1.5

Krita for Mac 4.1.5

The Krita Foundation  (开放源代码)

Krita for Mac is an Open Source painting tool that has been designed for illustrators, concept artists, the VFX industry, and matte and texture artists. Krita for Mac has numerous innovative features to help the amateur and professionals alike.

Key Tools include:

  • Brush engines.
  • Brush stabilizers.
  • Pop-up palette.
  • Wrap-around mode.
  • Resource manager.
  • Drawing assistants.
  • Layer management.
  • Layer masks.
  • OpenGL enhanced.
  • Full color management.
  • PSD support.
  • HDR support.
  • Transform tools.
  • Training resources.
  • Color palette.

For artists, using Krita for Mac is a joy. The interface is very intuitive and highly customizable. The various panels and dockers an be moved and modified to suit your own workflow. As soon as you have your setup in place, you are able to save it as your personal workspace. If you use specific tools regularly, then you are also able to create your own shortcuts for more commonly used tools.

Overall, Krita for Mac is one of those gems that you rarely come across. The array of tools is first class for a free product, as is the design and interface. It is easy to use and can be navigated by all users, regardless of their expertise. With support for Photoshop files and the ability to open, save, edit and author HDR images, Krita for Mac stands out from the crowd in the painting tool market.

Looking for the Windows version of Krita for Mac? Download Here

标题: Krita for Mac 4.1.5
文件名: krita-
文件大小: 124.26MB (130,292,305 字节)
要求: Windows (所有版本)
语言: 多种语言
许可证: 开放源代码
加入日期: 十一月 29,2018
作者: The Krita Foundation
MD5 校验和: 1845462906830F4A26F3C0224AFC0DF4

Reference images tool
Reference images are back in Krita… Now more powerful and useful than ever! No longer a docker with postage stamp-sized images, this is now a tool in the toolbox. Look for the pin icon in the same group as the assistant and ruler tools. With this tool, you can:
Add multiple images at one time.
Move one or multiple images around or outside the canvas.
Scale and rotate each image.
Control the opacity and saturation of each image.
Embed or link the reference images to your KRA file.

Animation Improvements
More frame management options with animation: moving frames, adding frames, copying frames, and setting playback time. All these new actions can be assigned to shortcuts.

Improved animation timeline display
The timeline has been improved to better communicate how long a single frame is running, and when a frame is empty or not.

Animation cache swapping and performance setting area
Handle larger animations better by offloading the data to your drive instead of keeping all rendered frames in memory. To further assist playing back large animations, the new cache comes with a ‘region of interest’ setting. When the region of interest is enabled, Krita will only calculate areas that have changed on within the viewed area instead of the entire canvas. You will need both “Use region of interest” and “Limit cached frame size” enabled in the performance settings for it to take effect.

Better color picking with new blending option
Inspired by how color mixing works in real life, you can now pick a small amount of color to mix with your existing color. Thanks to Emmet and Eoin O’Neill for contributing this patch.

Improved vanishing point assistants and custom colors
Vanishing points can display reference lines where you can control the density. And you can control the color of each assistant individually, while before all painting assistants shared one and the same color.

Python 2 Support and updated packages
Jeroen Hoolmans has made it possible to build Krita with python 2, which is necessary for VFX studios that depend on a Python 2 pipeline. Note that the Linux appimage and the Windows builds use Python 3.
Updated packaged scripts
* The Krita Script starter got updated.
* The Comic Project Management tools got some major updates: rewritten page viewer for better drag and drop, pot extraction for translating comics, comic viewer improvements, and much better ACBF generation support and much much more. Check the manual in the Plugin Manager for the list of changes.
Sessions and Window Layouts
Krita already had workspaces, which contained information about the location of dockers. However, those were per-window, and if you work with multiple monitors that is a bit limiting. So Krita 4.1 now introduces ‘sessions’ and ‘window layouts’.
Sessions remember your open windows and documents, allowing you to pick up again where you were previously. Krita can also automatically open your previous session upon startup or show the session manager for you to select one.
Window layouts extend on the idea of workspaces. However, instead of storing just the layout within a window, they can store multiple windows, their layouts, sizes and positions on the screen. They can be especially useful if you work with multiple monitors or changing configurations, such as a laptop and an external monitor.
Window layouts also come with two options to help working with multiple windows:
‘Show active image in all windows’. With this enabled any new image you open or switch to will appear in all windows. For example, to can keep an overview of the image on a secondary screen.
‘Primary workspace follows focus’. This option keeps your primary workspace on which ever window is currently active, swapping it across as the focus changes.