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下载 AdFender 2.30

AdFender 2.30

Adfender Inc.  (商业试用版)

AdFender is an advanced application that filters various different types of content from web pages, and prevents certain information from going out to web servers. If your content is filtered it can save you valuable time and bandwidth. Not only that, but it also enhances your online privacy.

AdFender is a local content-filtering HTTP proxy server. Usually when you view content online, your web browser contacts web servers directly to retrieve specific web pages that you request. Sometimes, however, web browsers are configured to use an intermediary called a proxy server (A proxy server is a program that accepts requests from a web browser to retrieve a specific web page and then contacts the web server containing that web page). The proxy then passes all the data from the web server to the web browser. AdFender uses the name of the web page (URL) that a browser would request as the base of it's operational decisions. If AdFender determines that the request is for advertising, the request is then blocked, otherwise it passes all data from the web server back to the web browser.

Key features include:

  • Blocks all types of advertising.
  • Blocks malware domains.
  • Automatic filter updates.
  • Speeds up web browsing.
  • Protects online privacy.
  • Removes profiling cookies.

AdFender lets you take control of your browsing experience. You can block banner ads, video ads, pop-ups and floating ads. You can speed up web browsing and thereby save bandwidth. You can also remove profiling cookies and protect your online privacy. AdFender lets you choose from multiple filter lists and it automatically works with all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

标题: AdFender 2.30
文件名: Setup.exe
文件大小: 6.92MB (7,256,864 字节)
要求: Windows (所有版本)
语言: 多种语言
许可证: 商业试用版
加入日期: 十一月 3,2016
作者: Adfender Inc.
MD5 校验和: 6A8813B31623F91F211EA220F1CCB95B

-Added support for filter options $websocket, $font and $other.
-Automatically imports AdFender CA certificate in Firefox.
-Dynamically updates top level domain and HTTPS exclusion lists.
-Supports renewing license before current license expires.
-Renew AdFender root CA on demand.
-Filter only connections that originate from list of applications enabled for filtering when running in system proxy mode.
-Fixed issue applying global signature rules when host name starts with www.
-Fixed issue in applying third-party rules with wild-card characters.
-Updated OpenSSL v1.0.2j.
-Updated Tor bundle.
-Updated top level domains list.
-Updated HTTPS exclusion list.
-Other bug fixes.