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By Atlassian  (Free)
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HipChat is a secure messaging platform has been designed to be utilised by teams of all sizes, from small businesses through to large corporations.

HipChat has way more functionality than a basic group messaging service though; it includes tools for sharing files and collaborating with colleagues in secure manner.

HipChat’s Web-based solution provides a way for teams to collaborate in real-time, with integrations that let users combine all of their system notifications under one roof, regardless of their geographical location. HipChat can be used on both mobile and desktop devices.

Group Chats
HipChat is a great way implement a group chatting feature into a organizations workflow. It provides group chat rooms that can be used by all users. This is where fellow team members can communicate matter in a more private setting. A Group chat room includes video calling and screen sharing capabilities. To start a group chat with a colleague, simply invite them and select the privacy levels for the room. Administrators of the chat can see who is present in a chat room at any given moment.

Sharing Files

The ability to share work with various teams across an organization is a necessity. HipChat supports drag-and-drop file sharing that lets users grab files from their desktops and place them directly into group chat rooms. HipChat also supports files from DropBox, an email account or pretty much anywhere else. When a file has been uploaded to a group chat room, all users can see a preview of it. They are then able to download the file directly or they can view it from within their browsers.

HipChat has superb integration with over 50 other tools, including Alias, Codeship, JIRA, and Honeybadger. Users can also create their own integrations by making use of HipChat’s API.

HipChat subscribes to a freemium pricing model. The Basic plan is free to use and users also get HipChat Plus for 30-days automatically upon signing up. After the trial period HipChat Plus costs $2 per user, per month.

Bottom Line
HipChat is a great service for teams to communicate in real time on collaborative projects together. It offers multi-client integration, with a web app and native apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. So no matter what device or platform a member of staff is using, they can always stay in touch with the rest of the team through group chats. With advanced features including video and screen sharing, and accessible chat histories with persistent links and file sharing, HipChat provides a great communications platform.