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Chrome Extensions and Plugins

Chrome extensions allow you to add new features to your Chrome browser or modify the functionality of your favourite sites. Download a Chrome extension and you can fine-tune your browsing experience, add new features, or even modify web pages. Categories include blogging, photos, productivity, search tools, shopping, sports, social and communication, and many more. With so many choices, the best Chrome extensions will be down to your needs and personal taste – but there’s a whole world of awesome Chrome browser extensions available for you to explore, right here on FileHippo.

Download Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket

GetPocket - 245KB (Freeware)
The Save to Pocket Extension for Chrome is one of the best ways to save articles, videos and other important content. Using the extension is really ea...
Download Tampermonkey


Tampermonkey - 241KB (Freeware)
Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager for Blink-based browsers such as Google Chrome. Tampermonkey makes it pretty easy to manage your u...
Download ZenMate VPN For Chrome

ZenMate VPN For Chrome

ZenMate - 235KB (Commercial Trial)
ZenMate VPN is a Chrome Browser plugin, which gives you a VPN solution that will encrypt all your browser traffic and route it through ZenMate's cloud...
Download Zenmate Web Firewall

Zenmate Web Firewall

ZenMate - 252KB (Freeware)
ZenMate Web Firewall is the security firm’s crack at a Web Firewall solution. It is able to block malware, trackers & security threats, plus free Ad...