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Zoho Support is a scalable help-desk solution for businesses of various sizes. By utilizing Zoho Support, businesses are able to build feature-rich help-desks that include ticket management, automation, and reporting tools. Businesses are able to engage with their customers across multiple channels, including various social media solutions and email. With robust workflow automations and request management tools, help-desks are able to manage and maintain large amounts of traffic.

Mobile Support
A really useful feature of Zoho Support is the ability for agents to answer tickets from anywhere using Zoho Support for iOS and Android. From within the app, users are able to view a feed that displays any recent updates in tickets. They can also choose to follow specific tickets, contacts or accounts. If any developments occur, it will show up automatically on the feed in real-time. Response times can be critical in dealing with customers, therefore the Zoho Support mobile app makes good use of push notifications, ensuring agents maintain rapid response times to tickets.

Multi-Channel Request Support
The ability to gather customer service requests from multiple channels is a superb way to build great customer satisfaction. Support from email, phone, social media, chat, self-service help center, forums and web forms are all supported on this platform. Zoho Support can be configured so managers can setup and maintain service-level agreements (SLAs). Tickets are created with a due date and time based on the pre-defined SLA. The software can automatically alert users or even re-assign the ticket to another agent.

Automations are a great way to improve productivity. By utilizing time based actions and macros, agents are able to maximise their time spent on activities. Zoho Support makes implementing flexible automation rules an easy affair. In this way, customers can be kept up to date regarding changes to their tickets, and any inactive tickets can be closed without wasting time and resources.

Zoho Support uses a freemium, subscription pricing model, with a free 15 day trial available. The Free plan includes email ticketing, knowledge base, community forums, web contact form, default canned responses. This is useful for small businesses, however if you need integration with Zoho CRM then you need to move onto one of the paid plans. The Professional plan is priced at $12 per agent, per month. For this, you receive everything in the Free plan, plus workflows, time tracking, social media monitoring, custom reports and dashboards, custom canned responses, and phone integration. Zoho integrations and mobile versions are also available with this plan. Finally the Enterprise Plan is priced at $25 per agent, per month. At this level you receive everything that is available in the cheaper plans, plus scheduled reports, integration for multiple phone numbers, more workflows, and built-in live chat.

Bottom Line
Zoho Support is a good solution that can give businesses a clear, unified view of their customers’ requirements. With multi-channel ticket management, and custom reporting tools coupled with Zoho CRM integration, Zoho Support is a solid customer service solution that is best suited to SMBs, but as it is scalable can be used by larger organizations.

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