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Vision Helpdesk's software is a multi-channel help-desk solution, which utilizes digital tickets in order to centralize customer conversations that come from a variety of different sources; email, web portals, social media channels, telephone, and live chats.

Vision Helpdesk provides a solid web-based solution to held desk management as it includes three main products; multi-channel help desks, satellite help desks, and IT service desks (ITIL/ITSM). The multi-channel help desks, and satellite help desks help companies stay organized.

Vision Helpdesk's IT service desk comes with many advanced features including CMDB, asset management, incident management, problem management, knowledge management, change management, and release management applications.

Vision Helpdesk's software includes lots of standard features such as ticket management, knowledge bases, SLA’s, help-desk automation, and customer portals. It also includes more unique features such as ticket billing, a staff collaboration tool (Blabby), and task management tools as well.

Client Portals
Vision Helpdesk offers users customizable client portals that will fit existing company branding. With Vision Helpdesk, all aspects can be customized, including the logo, the template, and CSS files. Multi-level, category-based knowledge bases can also be personally designed.

Staff Collaboration
All help-desk staff need to be able to collaborate on tickets and any issues that crop up from them. Vision Helpdesk's collaboration tool is called Blabby. Blabby lets colleagues have both private and group conversations, and teams are able to use Blabby to collaborate on a variety of different matters, including share files and documents and resolving ticket problems.

Blabby also has some pretty cool advanced features as well, such as the ability to add #hashtags to posts, based on trending topics, and configurable notifications can be set up to keep everyone on the same page. When teams need to share knowledge with other staff members, they can do so via the secure communication portal.

Vision Helpdesk can be integrated with numerous third party organizations, including social media giants Facebook and Twitter, with live chat, VoIP, and email services for multi-channel ticketing management. Other social media channels, such as LinkedIn and Google+ are also supported. For CMS, Vision Helpdesk ties in well with Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal. VoIP services are covered by Twilio, whilst live chat services are supported by Userlike, Com100, Livezilla, and Livechat Inc. For remote sessions, Vision Helpdesk supports Teamviewer, Gotomeeting, Gotoassist, and Webex. Paypal and are used for payment gateways, and for billing, WHMCS and Hostbill are supported.

Vision Helpdesk operates a subscription pricing model and has plans for every business, SaaS licensing starts from $7 per staff member, per month for help desk software. Satellite help desk software starts at $14 per staff member, per month, and the Service desk software starts at $21 per staff member, per month. There are also options to download recurring licenses, and one-time licenses as well, if required.

Bottom Line
Vision Helpdesk is a good solution for businesses of all sizes. It has has a innovative approach to customer support, with cool features such as satellite desks, and gamification, and with pricing starting from $7 per month, per staff agent, you can see why over 8000 firms already use Vision Helpdesk as their choice of support.

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Vision Helpdesk

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