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Tipalti is a world class financial payment system, which helps businesses reduce the time needed to complete complicated payments to global suppliers. It works by gathering various international money transfer details and automating the processes that are associated with customer, vendor, and affiliate payments. This, in turn, allows businesses to focus their resources on other areas.


Tipalti is ideally suited to large enterprises with offices and services in multiple locations. It assists those corporation in payment processing, tax compliance and form collection, and payment reconciliation reporting, etc.

Global payment system
Each country in the world has a different payment system and regulatory body to oversee financial transactions. Fortunately, with Tipalti’s global payment system, businesses no longer have to be restricted to who they work with, nor do they need to place limits on payment methods and currencies which they offer to suppliers and global partners.

A great feature of Tipalti is the ability to select which international currency payments are made in. This is a huge time saver, as businesses no longer have to convert their payments to the local currency and incur unnecessary bank fees. The service’s payment processor also lets partners choose the payment method which they want to use, based on their geographical location. Tipalti supports various payment methods including ACH, International ACH, Cash:via Western Union, eCheck, PayPal, Paper Check, Prepaid Card and Wire Transfer.

Fraud protection
Fraud is a massive concern to all business. Especially those dealing with international payments. The secure payment solutions, which Tipalti uses has been designed to prevent fraudulent behavior by automatically comparing payee records against international blacklists (OFAC) and US blacklists. This is undertaken in order to avoid payouts to suspected drug traffickers, money launderers, and terrorists.

Tipalti is utilized by numerous affiliate and advertising network firms, so it is very important to be able to track performance and generated traffic for each partner or affiliate, in order to pay individuals correctly. Tipalti integrates well with various software types of software, including finance, analytical, marketing, and accounting. Supported third parties include digital marketing analytics software from the CAKE, performance marketing analytics software from HasOffers, and finance and accounting software form QuickBooks and the Netsuite ERP system. APIs integrate with a payer’s partner website for payment method and currency selection, payee registration, and tax form collection via Tipalti’s iFrame system.

Tipalti operates a subscription pricing model and is priced at $750 per month plus a flat per transaction fee, which can vary according to the payment method that the payee chooses. Tipalti supports an unlimited number of transactions, payees, suppliers, partners, collaborators, users and countries. Due to the nature of the service, there is no trial version available.

Bottom Line
Tipalti is a great solution for those looking for a comprehensive solution to multi-national transactions for international bank transfers. It provides a fast and secure world payment system that can be utilized by businesses of various sizes and types. With features such as international money transfer fraud protection, and global Tax and regulatory compliance management tools, it is no wonder that Tipalti is a first class solution chosen by many.

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