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SAP Digital CRM is a streamlined, cloud-based CRM solution, which offers an array of professional features, such as email customer service ticket management, account management, simplified user management, mobile capabilities, and a powerful analytics component.


Upon using the app, individuals and teams are able to create personal connections with their customers, and keep vital information regarding interactions in an easily accessible, centralized location that can be viewed from either desktop or mobile device.

Mapping Site Visits
A superb time-saving tool of SAP Digital CRM is the mapping feature. This is a great tool, as being able to map site visits gives salespeople the ability to more accurately plan and record any visits they may have with any leads and existing customers. In real terms this means that any off-site visits can be easily tracked and managed; and by linking this feature to the calendar module, you are able to efficiently manage itineraries and make real-time adjustments.

Simplified On-boarding
With SAP Digital CRM, team on-boarding is no longer a massive challenge to overcome. Users are invited to use the solution by first name, last name, email ID, and role. Once they have been added to the system, they can then be assigned roles; for example SAP Digital CRM allows you to choose from various options, such as ‘manager’ or ‘user’.

Lead Management
SAP Digital CRM has excellent lead management capabilities. From this platform potential business opportunities can be successfully managed. Users of the system have the option to qualify, score, and then nurture individual leads in order to convert them into sales.

SAP Digital CRM is able to integrate with Outlook and Google contacts. The solution also has a one-click Twitter channel setup available too.

SAP Digital CRM uses a subscription pricing model that begins at a cost of $23 per user, per month. There is also a 30 day free trial available, with no credit card required, in order to test out the system.

Bottom Line
SAP Digital CRM is a great, all-in-one solution that has been designed for individuals and small businesses alike. The cloud-based subscription service requires no on-premises hardware and software management; it provides all the tools you will need to manage accounts, contacts and sales leads. The service also has a reliable, integrated email ticket-management system for handling support and service engagements. The SAP Digital CRM service can be setup relatively quickly (in as little as 15 minutes) and the on-boarding processes are straightforward.

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