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Od Revolion  (Darmowa)
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Revolion offers an affordable and flexible solution designed for SMBs; from a single-person business to medium size corporations. It has been crafted in such a way so as to decrease complexity for both the user and IT infrastructure managers.

Revolion is an ERP/CRM/eCommerce system that is both vertically integrated and fully automated. It can be extended to outside the company, from suppliers’ stock and product information, through to partners such as Ebay, Amazon, and Pixmania.

Revolion can be implement with multiple companies/countries/suppliers/partners and it is scalable to any size.

Key Features include:

  • Free unlimited usage.
  • Grow sales.
  • Cut costs.
  • Qualified full support.

Revolion claim that they can offer all the functionalities which are essential for day to day business operations, with a combination of multiple features, which can provide effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

Revolion is ideally suited towards e-shops and e-traders and for traditional small and medium size companies, such as Web shops, eBay auctioneers, e-traders, distributors etc., which are underserved or currently don’t have funds to invest into more complex systems.