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Qwilr is a professional platform, designed for businesses that are looking to streamline and modernize their sales cycle. It is a cloud-based solution that transforms bland business documents into interactive webpages, which are easy to build and look stunning on any device they are viewed on.


Qwilr is perfect for firms who send quotes, proposals, or presentations to clients on a frequent basis, and because Qwilr is web-based, it enables users to rapidly create content that looks great on any device. Qwilr Pages give you the ability to view detailed analytics, and the solution includes a variety of other useful business tools as well, including an easy-to-use webpage creator/editor, quoting tool, page analytics and security, and an ‘Accept’ button with digital signatures and e-payments. The entire solution integrates seamlessly Slack and numerous popular accounting apps and CRMs.

Building Webpages
The key feature of Qwilr is the simple, yet intuitive webpage builder. Qwilr uses templates to generate new proposals, resumes, and portfolios, instead of coding webpages themselves. You can also choose to build webpages from scratch, if you need to.

To begin, simply select a template that is based on the product you’re making and the design that you want. Next, use the webpage editor to customize your Qwilr Page with unique content, and after you are finished you can save your page (or any individual blocks within it) to re-use again in the future. The really cool thing about Qwilr is the you can even change your Qwilr Page after it’s been sent to the client!

Tracking Analytics
Qwilr allows you to view and track every view and click within a Qwilr Page. You can view which blocks, or parts of your Qwilr Pages, have been viewed the most. With Qwilr, you can be notified immediately when a Qwilr Page have been viewed, and you can drill deeper to see which links were clicked on or how much time was spent on particular components. This data is vital for determining what potential clients are the most interested in reviewing.

Pay Now
Via Stripe users allow clients to instantly pay for their accepted quotes and proposals right from within their Qwilr Pages. This is such a great streaming process that can save so much time chasing payments from clients.

Qwilr uses a subscription pricing model, with plans starting from $0 to $89 per month fro the Business plan. There is free trial available, with no credit card required. The Free plan allows you to have 3 projects and some of the Pro plan features as well. The Pro plan is priced at $29 per month. For this price, you get unlimited projects, priority support, core analytics, up to two integrations, password + time limit security, custom subdomains, and the ‘Accept’ button. The Pro plan comes with 3 free seats and the Business plan has 5 free seats. Extra seats cost $15 each per additional seat per month. If you choose to pay annually, you receive 2 months free billing: The Pro plan will cost $290 and the Business plan will cost $890.

Qwilr has a suite of third-party integrations that ensure it merges, and can even improve, your existing workflows. Qwilr integrates with Slack, along with accounting tools such as Xero and Freshbooks and CRMs such as Pipedrive and Salesforce.

Bottom Line
Overall, Qwilr is a solid solution that lets you build powerful and interactive webpages instead of static documents. With detailed analytics and advanced security controls you can track your progress. With the ability to allow clients to instantly pay you on accepted quotes and proposals, you will always stay up to date with invoicing. The platform can be navigated by users of all levels of expertise and the learning curve is very shallow. Qwilr can be utilized by businesses of all sizes and from various industry backgrounds. It is typically used by freelancers, and SMBs, although it has a sturdy enterprise product as well.

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