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PipelineDeals is a sales and account management acceleration platform that has been designed to make interacting with your customers a simple yet highly effective experience.


PipelineDeals has a wide array of tools to help your sales teams track leads via your sales pipeline, send follow-up emails, set tasks and reminders, and manage all your contacts, all from under one roof.

PipelineDeals is both safe and reliable to use, using the same type of security encryption that banks use, ensuring your data remains safe. Pipeline Deals backs up your data on a regular basis and have 99.96% uptime over the last four years.

Key Features include:

  • Lead management tools.
  • Dedicated iOS and Android apps available.
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Customizable templates.
  • Send trackable emails.
  • API available to use.
  • Integrates with numerous apps and services.

PipelineDeals is a sales management system that has been designed for ease of use, while providing your sales team with a powerful set of tools to best manage your sales process. The collaborative area is easy to access and can be navigated by all users with little training required.

Email Integration
A great feature of Pipeline Deals is the native email integration with Connect. Connect is a total email integration solution that has been designed to assist sales teams maximize productivity and strengthen customer relationships from one system. With Connect you are able to sync your Google Apps, Outlook, and other IMAP email services in order to channel your communications directly in PipelineDeals.

PipelineDeals supports integrations with a number of different apps and services, including 123ContactForm, Bitium, Google Apps for Work, Google Calendar, Gmail, Geckoboard, Google Docs, Google Drive, Help Scout, INinbox, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, PieSync, QuickBooks Online, RightSignature, Userlike Live Chat, Yesware, and Zapier. PipelineDeals also has an API available for use.

PipelineDeals uses a One-time License, Open-source pricing model with prices starting from $24.00 per month for the Standard plan. The Accelerator Plan is priced at $48 per user per month. The Standard plan includes sales pipeline management, unlimited document storage, and unlimited contacts, deals, leads, and tasks. The Accelerator plan includes also includes an integrated email inbox, email campaigns, and some automation features. There is also a free trial available (no credit card required).

Bottom Line
Overall, PipelineDeals is a solid toolkit that has in-depth activity and sales reporting tools. the email automation features are well structured and flexible, with native integration, trackable email campaign tools, and various templates and analytics tools to provide you with key data. The, coupled with unlimited leads, contacts, deals and tasks, not to mention unlimited document storage, make PiplineDeals your go-to solution for sales management.

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Saturday, January 1st 2000
Pipeline Deals

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