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PagerDuty is a response and alerting service, which integrates with almost any monitoring service. It can be configured to deliver alerts by phone call, email, text, or via iOS and Android apps. It comes with delivery confirmation and automatic re-routing as well.


PagerDuty is very easy to use and the dashboard provides you with a clear overview of the current state of play across all of your monitoring tools. It provides data on every incident and its alert status. With the ability to configure smart scheduling and alert escalations, your entire team is kept the loop. PagerDuty's advanced analytics tools can be configured to assist you in identifying key trends, such as team performance etc.

PagerDuty supports integrations with a number of IT infrastructure monitoring tools and services, including Nagios, New Relic, Splunk, and Zenoss. PagerDuty also integrates well with the following apps and services: Amazon EC2, Bitium, Datadog, Flowdock, HipChat, Google Apps for Work, JIRA Software, Slack, XI, Zapier, Zendesk. PagerDuty also has an API available as well.

PagerDuty uses a one-time license subscription pricing model with prices starting from $9.00 per month. There is a free trial available (no credit cad required). The LITE plan is priced at $9 per user, per month, billed annually or $10 month-to-month. Next up is the BASIC plan, priced at $29 per user, per month, billed annually or $34 month-to-month. The STANDARD plan is priced at $49 per user, per month, billed annually or $59 month-to-month. Finally, the ENTERPRISE plan is priced at $99 per user, per month, billed annually.

Bottom Line
Overall, PagerDuty’s alerting and incident tracking system helps IT operations and DevOps engineers resolve critical errors in their IT systems quickly. It has a detailed, customisable dashboard and can integrates with a wide variety of systems.

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