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Nutshell CRM is a web-based app that helps small and medium-sized businesses by giving them the tools to help close sales quickly and efficiently. This solid CRM helps businesses to grow with consolidated communications, automated sales processes, and detailed contact management.

Nutshell CRM is very easy to adopt, with its clear layout and intuitive setup process, along with a centralized contact organization system. It is also highly scalable in order to move along with growth and it has with more than 40 available integrations available.

Nutshell CRM includes many features to help sales teams close deals quicker. It has numerous tools for team collaboration, reporting and sales automation, and integration. The service is very flexible and is able to be accessed from desktop computers or mobile devices. This is an important key concept for many businesses that work remotely.

Manage Leads
A great feature of Nutshell CRM, is that it does not separate leads from opportunities. Throughout the pipeline sales are tracked as leads, this, in turn, provides a more seamless user experience. in order to create a lead, you simply click ‘Create New’ and then populate the fields with all the information that you currently have available. Within a lead, you are able to include multiple accounts, assignees, contacts, competitors, products, and sources.

Generate Reports
Nutshell CRM has a solid set of analytics tools that are second to none. With the ability to generate data reports business owners are able to review information such as overall sales health, based on leads, or drill down to view activities from the past 30 days. You can also view data from each quarter, year, or choose a rolling period as well. Sales reports can also be filtered by user, team, product, or source. Nutshell CRM also gives you the option to select your most common sources or products, and then track these metrics in the pipeline at various stages. This is a useful way to track which leads are overdue, based on estimated close dates.

Nutshell CRM has a varied array of integrations, with more than 40 business apps and services available. These include Google Apps, Mailchimp, Microsoft Exchange, Twitter, Wufoo, Zendesk, and Zapier.

Nutshell CRM uses a static pricing model, charging a flat fee of $15 per month, per user. This includes unlimited storage and contacts.

Bottom Line
Overall, Nutshell is a good choice when it comes to rapid deployment, coupled with a straightforward pricing model that is not tied into a certain number of leads, contacts or accounts. With unlimited storage and native iOS and Android apps, offering real-time synchronization across all devices, you can see why many SMB’s choose Nutshell as their go-to CRM.

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Saturday, January 1st 2000
Nutshell Inc.

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