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Mindflash is an easy to use, award winning online training platform with a varied range of high profile customers, including Apple, Microsoft and PBS.


Mindflash is a great solution for all kinds of training requirements. With it you can easily create specifically tailored, custom courses and quizzes. The platform also allows you to manage trainees, and track results. With Mindflash, you can upload your PowerPoint, Word, PDF, SCORM or video files and it can convert them into a web-based course that can be viewed on any computer or mobile device.

Mindflash has a simple yet powerful approach to training. The cloud-based design lets you create and manage your company training programs without the need to employ a third party. This, in turn, saves you time and money. Because there is no software to install or maintain, no IT or engineering departments are required. Courses and their content are produced using existing systems that businesses already use, i.e. video and audio files; PDF and Word documents; and PowerPoint presentations.

Crafting Content
Mindflash allows you to create online courses in very little time. Upload your existing training files (Video, Word, PowerPoint, or PDF) and Mindflash can automatically convert these files into online course content. Mindflash allows you to add and categorize as many files as you need, in order to provide trainees with engaging, multi-media training, and because Mindflash utilizes simple, editable templates, questions can be inserted into courses as they are required.

Mindflash uses a subscription pricing model with a free trial available (no credit card required). Mindflash charges based on the features and number of trainees taking your courses. Prices start at $249 per month (billed annually) for the Basic plan. For this price you receive unlimited courses, quiz questions, and content, mobile learning, social learning, fifty active trainees, and one Admin. Next up is the Advanced plan priced at $899 per month. For this you receive all the Basic features, plus series and catalogs, advanced reporting and duration tracking, five hundred active trainees, and ten admins. Finally, the Pro plan is priced at $1,899 per month. For this price you receive all the Advanced features, plus account access controls, SCORM import and custom branding, one thousand active trainees, and fifty admins.

Bottom Line
Overall, Mindflash is an affordable online learning platform for businesses of various sizes. With it you can create online courses in a matter of minutes using common, existing media such as PDF documents and video files, and courses can be setup individually or in a series. Mindflash is available in Australia, Canada, Europe, UK, and US, and supports Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages.

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