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LiveChat is a beautiful and simple online chat solution that allows customer service agents to contact customers directly through their website. Within only minutes of signing up, your team of customer care representatives will be able to help online visitors find what they need, before they leave your site and look to your competitors for help.


Your customers wouldn’t be chatting with a team member if there wasn’t a problem; not being able to connect with customers can result in loss of business, something no company can afford. LiveChat means more successful transactions due to customer concern resolution. As soon as your customers are able to reach out to a live team member for support, the likelihood of that resulting in a transaction goes up. That means your order value goes up, as well. In turn, a live team member can make sure the customer has the right product on order and has found all of the necessary or accessory items to go with it.

The chances of an inquiry converting to a sale go up when questions are answered immediately by a knowledgeable representative. Without the option to ask a question or clarify a product’s specifications, your customer will look elsewhere. LiveChat provides a secure and reliable communication channel for your customers. You can’t risk a faulty or vulnerable communication method when you’re trying to provide excellent customer service, which is why LiveChat offers best-in-class service.

Web Chat Window
LiveChat's Web Chat windows provide an easy to implement, customizable, and branded templates that are available out-of-the-box. All of the templates provided are compatible with modern web browsers.

Mobile Apps
LiveChat is available for agents using web browsers, as well as dedicated apps for Windows, Mac OS X, and mobile devices running iOS and Android. This feature is designed specifically for providing top-notch customer service.

Analytics & Reporting
Daily reports provide feedback on the activity of each of your agents, including efficiency, number of chats, and time spent with the customer, along with a customer satisfaction breakdown for specific agents, groups, and the entire team. This daily summary is delivered straight to your mailbox, while the dashboard is a great data set to display to inform and motivate your agents.

LiveChat uses an open source, subscription pricing model, with a free trial available (no credit card required). All plans are offered as SaaS and should be paid recurrently. LiveChat is available in 5 plans, which start from $16.00 per seat, per month for the Starter plan. Followed by the Regular plan, which costs from $30 per seat per month. Next up is the Team plan, which costs from $33 per seat per month. The Enterprise plan costs from $50 per seat per month, and finally the Enterprise Plus plan is a customized charge depending upon business requirements.

Bottom Line
With LiveChat, customers are able to chat live with a sales person to ask questions, make product inquiries, voice service concerns, and more. This, in turn, means better customer retention and less loss of clients to your competitors.

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Live Chat

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