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A unfilled order pipeline is a terrible thing, but KiteDesk prospecting software helps dramatically improve your company’s lead generation. The system is designed to produce the right lead information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and professional or social profiles, at the right time to create more qualified meetings and closed sales. KiteDesk specifically targets your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), an area where your prospect research is most efficient.

KiteDesk's visual prospect list builder uses expansive search criteria, including company name, type of industry, and business size (including filters by revenue and number of employees); individual person, sorted by name, department, and title; and locations for each contact or business, broken down by country, state, region, city, and/or zip code.

The KiteDesk system works everywhere and lets you pick up new contacts no matter how you find them, whether through the Chrome extension, a social media search toolbar on LinkedIn, Kite icons connected to an email address, and the ability to auto-discover prospects from any website. These tools enable the fast construction of lists filled with quality prospects from a database of millions of companies and contacts. Best of all, your sales teams can scale outbound lead generation with KiteDesk.

Lead Location
KiteDesk’s massive leads database means there are plenty of fully-filterable leads, suited to your industry. The prospecting tool automates the task in order to speed up the sales process. Finally, the social media toolbar will help you save a lead found online with the click of a mouse, while the advanced connection scoring will help ensure that you generate only “warm” leads.

Bi-directional syncing with Google Apps, Office productivity, CRM integration, the Chrome extension, the social media toolbar, and the web app mean you are always on the hunt for a lead without missing a chance to grab it.

Lead Management
Your sales team can record, bridge, and log calls with KiteDesk's Sales Dialer, which lets them keep all of their pertinent lead information in one place. They can also send contact emails directly from the KiteDesk dashboard to avoid multiple channels when trying to follow up on leads.

KiteDesk uses a freemium subscription pricing model that starts from $75.00 per month, with a free trial available with no credit card required. KiteDesk plans start with KiteDesk FIND, which is priced at $75 per seat, per month, billed annually. Next up is KiteDesk REACH, priced at $100 per seat, per month, billed annually (this option includes KiteDesk FIND). If required, data packages and minutes can be purchased separately above the starter tier.

Bottom Line
KiteDesk provides you with the shortest path to warm, viable leads with advanced connection scoring. You can map out your day’s most important tasks and contacts with action lists, and therefore avoid the pitfall of having so much to do and nowhere to start that you really never get off the ground. With the ability to fully integrate your workflow with leading CRMs, social channels, calendars, and email programs, you can keep all of the information you need right at your fingertips.

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Saturday, January 1st 2000
KiteDesk, Inc.

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