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IssueTrak is a well established issue tracking and business process management software, with a record of successful deployment for thousands of companies world-wide in a variety of different industries, from I.T. and Healthcare, through to Military and Non-Profit organizations.


IssueTrak provides a way for people to enter support requests online. This, in turn, results in quicker resolutions, more efficient management, and a higher level of service. The platform encompasses both internal and external customer support, IT help desks, issue tracking, and workflow management, with many advanced features that allow users to quickly view issue counts, create custom templates for common problems, and design custom queries.

Quick pick templates
IssueTrak uses templates for issues called ‘Quick Picks’. Quick Picks custom templates are generated for common issues or processes. They allow users to quickly address routine operations or tasks without having to begin creating one from scratch every time a new issue arises.

You can create an unlimited number of Quick Picks to do with any issue. To begin, select a name for your Quick Pick which is easy to recognize, with other relevant data such as a subject, a description, issue type, and relevant field values. There are also options to add attachments or include relevant tasks with the Task Manager.

The dashboard is able to displays statistics for any open or unresolved issues. It has been designed for users to view issue counts and metrics quickly, with graphical displays. There are also numerous filtering tools available.

IssueTrak’s dashboard functions in the same way a homepage does. It is accessible via the My IssueTrak sub-menu. Preferences and settings can be adjusted via the dashboard based on workflows etc. Various filters can be setup from within the dashboard, for open issues using filters such as sub-status, priority, or issue type.

Task Management
A key feature of IssueTrak is the Task Management area. Task Management lets users define common workflows and dynamically assign tasks to various colleagues inside and outside of their department. Workflows and processes can be predefined or set up on-demand. Being flexible, you can define workflows for multiple business processes, including workflows for change management, on-boarding and off-boarding, and approval processes.

IssueTrak does not currently integrate with other apps, however, there is an API available that will allow other apps to communicate with it.

IssueTrak uses a subscription pricing model with a one time licence. There is a free trial available (no credit card required) The flexible pricing strategy is based on the number of licensed agents, with plans starting from $100.00 per month. This is based on the number of licensed users required and the type of solution you need. For example, the Service Desk Licensing Model is used when a select group of Licensed Users are providing support to Free Users. This model is designed for IT Help Desk, Service Desk, and Customer Support applications. Pricing options for cloud and premise installations are available upon request.

Bottom Line
IssueTrak is a great set of tools that allow businesses to track and process management needs. It has some powerful features such as the ability to design and share custom reports. You can automatically correct new issues based on pre set preferences and save time with pre-filled forms for recurring tasks. Issues can be tracked based on content and automatically assigned with all subsequent correspondence auto-saved inside of the same issue. SLA's are defined and monitored with email alerts for approaching deadlines, and performance metrics can be quickly reviewed in a customized dashboard, based on KPI's you select. Overall, IssueTrak is a solid and versatile software designed for organizations in various industries.

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Saturday, January 1st 2000
Issuetrak Inc.

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