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iCIMS Applicant Tracking System is an all-in-one applicant tracking system that is superior to legacy recruitment methods in almost every way. It supports businesses of all sizes, in any industry, on a global scale. The service provides HR professionals with a set of collaborative tools, which enable them to attract, screen, and hire the best possible staff.

iCIMS Applicant Tracking System provides a streamlined recruiting process to accurately pinpoint the best possible candidates for open positions. As the iCIMS Applicant Tracking System uses a centralized hub, accessing and reviewing information is a rapid and easy process. This is great for human resource management teams, as it allows them to engage the right candidates and, by extension, hire the correct person for the vacancy.

The software is feature-packed and aims to simplify the processes that modern recruiters use to attract, screen, and onboard quality talent in their respective industries. It combines real-time requisition performance reporting with modern recruiting tools, which include social job post distribution and job board postings. This, in turn, makes the recruitment process more efficient and less time consuming.

iCIMS Connect

iCIMS Connect is a recruitment marketing automation system, which allows your HR team to engage passive candidates, who are open to exploring career opportunities with your company. The system communicates relevant job opportunities and career paths with these potential employees, in order to keep them interested in positions within your business.

A passive candidate will click on a ‘Not ready to apply?’ option. From here they are taken to a branded, mobile-friendly portal, where a login is created for them to allow them to return to the portal to further their interest.

iCIMS Recruit
A productive feature of the iCIMS Applicant Tracking System is iCIMS Recruit. This is a configurable tool, which uses a dashboard that is able to consolidate everything required for the recruitment process: appointments, applicant files, calendars, communications, tasks, and reports; all from within a single environment.

iCIMS Applicant Tracking System integrates with over 125 apps such as ADP, Ceridian, EmployeeScreenIQ, Kenexa, Kronos, Oracle, Orange Tree, Paychex, PeopleAnswers, PeopleSoft, SAP, and Workday.

iCIMS Applicant Tracking System uses a subscription based pricing model. The charge does depend upon the final customized product required.

Bottom Line
iCIMS Applicant Tracking System is a solid and comprehensive talent acquisition solution, which aims to simplify the standard recruitment process. It provides mobile-optimized career portals, to let potential candidates perform job searches via any supported mobile device. As iCIMS Applicant Tracking System is fully brandable, and therefore it can be totally customized in order to suit your business requirements.

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Saturday, January 1st 2000
iCIMS, Inc.

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