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HRMatrix is a human resources management system (HRMS) that has been designed to fit businesses of all sizes and types. It provides a range of tools for employee management, time and expense tracking, time off management, collaboration, document management, project tracking, training management, and attendance tracking


Applicant tracking system
The ATS tool has been designed to help create and manage job postings. As soon as job postings have been created in the system, they can be published on a company website, or shared via company social media sites. Supported services include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Delicious. Job posting boards, including, and Indeed are also supported. The Applicant Tracking System automates the entire process of managing numerous job applications. From application submission and internal review, through to interview feedback. The cool thing about HRMatrix ATS is if the candidate is hired, all their data is converted to a New Employee Record in no time.

Employee self service portal
A stand out feature of HRMatrix is the employee self service portal. This utility allows employees to submit their own time off requests. It covers vacation time, paid time off, sick leave, family leave, medical leave, etc. Along with submitting time-sheets and expense claims. Via a multi level approval system, managers are able to approve requests, and HRMatrix is then able to automatically calculate the hours worked and any time off accruals.

Employee content manager
Another noteworthy feature of HRMatrix is the Employee Content Manager. This is a great way for administrators to attach and retain files in numerous formats including .PDF, .MP4, .MPG, .DOC, etc. In this way, all users have easy access to any forms signed by applicants, and any documents that have been initialed by employees during the hiring process.

HRMatrix uses a subscription based pricing model, which is based on a per employee per month setup. It incurs no start up fee, no implementation fee, no maintenance fee, and no update fees. There is also a free trial available (No Credit Card required).

Bottom Line
Overall, HRMatrix is a total human resource utility, in the truest sense, With it, you are able to track the complete life cycle of employee; from hiring to on-boarding and everything in-between. HRMatrix provides an array of tools and features that cover all aspects of human resource management, such as employee profile data, intra-organization collaboration, employee leave management, timesheet management, employee performance management, employee training tracking, and employee benefits tracking, to name but a few of the services covered. It is no wonder countless organizations turn to HRMatrix as their solution to employee recruitment, selection and retention.

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