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Creately is a diagram creation app for both cloud platform and your desktop. It is simple in design and function and is fully capable of creating professional looking data-rich diagram efficiently.


A convenient feature of Creately is it’s web functionality. If you choose to purchase the on-premise version, Creately Desktop, you are given access to the web version anyway. This is a key feature because it means you can easily save your work to the Creately server and access, edit and display it from any computer.

  • Online diagramming & collaboration: Flowcharts, wireframes, mindmaps, UML and more. lntutive and powerful, built for teams.
  • Visual collaboration for the project team: A Visual Document Manager with a central repository and built-in collaboration to securely share, review, update and track online diagrams.
  • Beautiful diagrams in no time: Extensive library of object sets, ready-made templates and power features help you create professional diagrams with amazing ease.

Creately’s symbol gallery is quite impressive, with various libraries that are organized by project type, such as flow diagrams and infographics, or symbol types such as business and education. You also have the option to create your own custom libraries with graphics and clipart. Creately makes good use of drag-and-drop functionality and it is easy to place figures on your chart, whilst the grid lines help keep them all straight. The sidebar can also be customized to include as many or as few object libraries as you require. Character and paragraph formatting options are available, although you cannot set line spacing. Whilst text wrap options can be used, bullets and text alignment aren’t available for decision figures or connector lines.

Overall, Creately is a versatile online flowchart app that is really useful if you travel with your flowcharts, or you wish to collaborate over a vast distance with your colleagues.The layout of the software itself is easy to navigate. All the buttons are clearly labeled and the minimalist view of the main window is easy to work with. The downside is that the app doesn't include a spell check feature. Also, help and support options are fairly limited.

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Wednesday, February 16th 2011
Cinergix Pty

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