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ConnectWise is a high quality business management platform, which unifies various systems into a productive flow of information and communication. It covers all your bases by using automation options for incident management, availability management, request management, service-level management, service reporting, service asset and configuration management, change management, and knowledge management.


ConnectWise combines services, ticketing, projects, billing, sales, marketing and reporting and organizes them into a solitary platform that provides one centralized location for your data.

Help Desk Management
A stand out feature of ConnectWise is the help desk management tool. It uses a proprietary ticketing system that enables your organization to provide the highest quality support to your customers and clients. ConnectWise’s help desk management solution centralizes all of your customer conversations under one platform. This makes communications easier by utilizing specific workflow rules, with pre-determined responses being sent out to inform clients when their tickets have been received or resolved.

Cloud Services
ConnectWise gives you a superb way to efficiently manage, monitor and bill your clients for an array of cloud services. More and more apps are moving to a cloud environment, and ConnectWise provides you with a robust, reliable platform to stay on top of your clients needs and support them effectively.

ConnectWise functions as a centralized hub for the needs and requirements of your business. It is both highly customizable and scalable, and has over 300+ integrations with sought-after business solutions. It also provides various backup and disaster recovery solutions, cloud services, and document management platforms for integration as well.

ConnectWise uses a subscription pricing model. Organizations are encouraged to contact ConnectWise directly for tailored pricing information.

Bottom Line
ConnectWise provides a solid, overall business management and process automation solution. It is ideally suited towards technology companies, cloud service providers, and software developers. Workflow rules cover all areas, from sending targeted marketing campaigns through to tracking service delivery via SLAs and everything in-between. Amongst other things, ConnectWise can be used for ticket management, project management, time tracking, CRM, cloud application management, monitoring and billing, technician dispatching, asset tracking, billing and invoicing, procurement, and inventory management. No matter what your needs are, ConnectWise has you covered.

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