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Campayn is a solid email marketing service, which provides you with all the features that are needed for a successful email marketing campaign. This include flexible contact management, and an easy to use email editor with numerous free templates. There are also some good reporting tools to make use of.

Campayn is a cost effective email marketing solution that is tailored specifically toward small businesses that have previously been using a standard email service. It comes with a good array of tools to get a small business up and running in the marketing department, with functionality and integrations being added all the time.

Email Design
Campayn has been created to ensure email design is a snap. The service provides access to dozens of free email templates, which are all made to be responsive and can be viewed on any device.

Contact Lists
With Campaign, you can import your lists from any source by uploading a CSV spreadsheet, pasting it in your contact list, or by connecting Campayn with Gmail, Yahoo, or other mail services to extrapolate the data.

Campayn can assist with detailed email analytics. Reporting data can be analysed by Campaign and they can craft new ways to ensure your campaign even more successful.

Campayn uses a freemium, subscription pricing model. It also has a free trial that is available with no credit card required. Plans start with a free Basic plan, which is free for sending up to 20k emails to 2k contacts. For $10 per month you can send unlimited emails to 1k contacts. For $20 per month you can send unlimited emails to 3.5k contacts. For $25 per month you can send unlimited emails to 5k contacts, and for $40 per month you can send unlimited emails to 10k contacts. All plans includes robust features such as list segmentation, contact level reporting and ROI tracking. All your emails are highly responsive and look good on mobile devices.

Bottom Line
Campayn is a well designed service that has been created with the assumption that you might have just been using a standard email app to send emails. With this in mind, Campayn let you import your contacts directly from Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, and allow you to send your new email newsletters easily. This is a big pull-in feature as the setup for Campayn is minimal. In comparison to similar software, Campayn is a simple and easy-to-use with an array of templates to choose from. So, no matter what area of business you may be in, Campayn will have something to offer.

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