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Asana is a project management solution that facilitates team communication and collaboration on projects and tasks. Asana can be used to create projects and tasks within projects. Team members can be added to projects and tasks, and files can be shared between team members to enable seamless collaboration between them.

With Asana you can see, organize and manage tasks and priorities for all your team members from one place. You can remain updated on task changes and task completions, leave comments, give feedback, upload attachments and set due dates. You can also delegate, prioritize and follow tasks and team members in a simple and clean way.

Smart Inbox
The Asana inbox is designed to receive notifications on all task and project related activity. For instance, when a task is assigned to you, if a task is due, if someone has added you as a follower, if a task is updates or completed, if a due date us changed on one of your tasks, if someone adds a comment or if an attachment is added to one of the tasks you are following. With Asana, you will always be kept up to date on everything.

Asana integrates with the following apps and services: Wordpress, MailChimp, Zendesk, JIRA Software, HipChat, Dropbox, Okta Identity Management, Pivotal Tracker, Harvest, Evernote, GitHub, Box, Google Drive, Campaign Monitor, Wufoo, Bitium, Usersnap, Slack, Weekdone, Velocify, Zapier, SupportBee, Hall, Hubstaff, Glip, and Front.

The Asana Mobile app for the iPhone provides native app access to a growing portion of Asana features. You can also add and access data in Asana programmatically via a simple REST API.

Supported devices include: Android powered smartphones, iOS devices, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, Windows OS, and web-based access.

Asana uses a freemium, subscription pricing model. There is a free trial available (no credit card required). The Asana Basic plan is charged at $0.00 for teams of up to 15 users. You receive unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations and access to a basic dashboard. The Asana Premium plan is billed annually at a cost of $21 per month for 5 members, $42 per month for 10 members, $84 per month for 15 members, $125 per month for 20 members, $209 per month for 30 members, $334 per month for 40 members, and $417 per month for 50 members. The Asana Premium plan includes private teams and projects, unlimited guests, unlimited dashboards, data export, SSO and SAML, centralized administration, and a customer success program.

Bottom Line
Overall, Asana is a solid platform that allows teams to share, plan, organize, and track the progress of the tasks, which each member is working on. The multiple workspaces give you a place to organize multiple teams, projects and tasks and to stay abreast of progress without having to follow numerous email threads. It is a great product that specializes in helping teams manage workflows. It comes with an attractive design, furnished with fluid interactive elements. It comes with flawless integrations with a variety of key apps and services and Asana also affords you with the ability to generate amazingly detailed data reports as well.

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