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The AppsForOps suite has numerous features, which can manage various aspects of daily businesses tasks. It features tools and services that cover time off management, travel request processing and more. The platform also provides an Intranet that includes a staff directory, business dashboards, shared calendars, and apps for task management, opinion polls, and sharing company news.

AppsForOps Travel Request is the travel expense management component of the AppsForOps suite. It is ideally suited to freelancers and SMBs, as the app allows the user to digitally submit, track and get their travel requests authorised directly. The platform allows for flexibility in letting users decide where to stay, find where the closest car rental is, and locate the cheapest flights. As soon as the request is authorised the user has the freedom to book, store and review their itinerary digitally.

From a managerial perspective, the AppsForOps Travel Request module simplifies the task of managing travel-related processes. It allows managers to digitally receive and approve all travel requests from the cloud. All travel details can be viewed and reviewed prior to approval.

All travel requests can be submitted and tracked via the AppsFor Ops web interface or via a mobile app, and as the service is provided from the cloud, everything is stored in one place. Preferences can be configured and ‘favourites’ can be set for future travel.

Supported Devices
AppsForOps Travel Request can be used via a mobile web app on Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows Phone. The service also supports Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

AppsForOps Travel Request uses a subscription based pricing model, with plans starting from $5.00 per month (no credit card required). As AppsForOps is not a single service, rather a suite of apps, users are able to choose to run one app or run them all. AppsForOps has two main components of the platform: Core Apps and Add-On Apps. Core Apps include the Platform and Digital Workplace components. AppsForOps Travel Request is classed as an Add-On App, therefore pricing is dependant on how many Add-On Apps are chosen to use on top of the Core Apps. Core Apps are 5 credits per user, per month. Add-on Apps are 5 credits per user, per app, per month.

Bottom Line
Overall, AppsForOps Travel Request is a great way for freelancers and employees of SMBs to digitally submit, track and get their travel expenses authorised. It is available as a web service and can be accessed form a variety of devices and operating systems. It allows for customizable levels of approval, trip budget settings, options on the best available prices and more. The platform is great for managers to have absolute control over costs, as all details are visible at all times.

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Saturday, January 1st 2000
AppsForOps Pty Ltd

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