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Edytowanie zdjęć na komputerach Mac

Uwielbiane przez fotografów i kreatywnych ludzi na całym świecie komputery Mac są znane ze swoich możliwości edytowania zdjęć i obrazów. Tak naprawdę są one powiązane z potężnym Adobe Photoshop od lat 80-tych, kiedy to oprogramowanie do edytowania zdjęć było przeznaczone wyłącznie na komputery Mac. FileHippo może pochwalić się ponad 120 wspaniałymi aplikacjami do edytowania zdjęć i obrazów, zarządzania zdjęciami i wyświetlania obrazów dla komputerów Mac, w tym wiodącym oprogramowaniem do obsługi obrazów, takim jak Adobe Creative Cloud, GIMP na Mac oraz Fotor Photo Editor. Już dziś odkryj naszą pełną ofertę i uwolnij wszystkie możliwości komputera Mac oraz swoją kreatywność!

Pobierz ImageSize Lite

ImageSize Lite

Day 1 Solutions SRL - 10.28MB (Freeware)
ImageSize Lite is a super-useful tool for resizing images in bulk on your Mac. You can resize, convert and rename stacks of image files in batch mod...
Pobierz iPhoto Library Manager

iPhoto Library Manager

Fat Cat Software - 6.53MB (Commercial Trial)
iPhoto Library Manager helps you to organise all of your photos, allowing you to browse and search across all your libraries directly from one place. ...
Pobierz LibreCAD for Mac

LibreCAD for Mac

LibreCAD Org - 23.32MB (Open Source)
LibreCAD for Mac is a fully comprehensive, open source, 2D CAD application. It is available in more than 20 languages and is also cross platform for a...
Pobierz Live Home 3D for Mac

Live Home 3D for Mac

BeLight Software Ltd. - 326.86MB (Freeware)
Live Home 3D is an intuitive home design software for Mac users. This successor of Live Interior 3D is a powerful home design software and also boasts...
Pobierz Luminar photo editor for Mac

Luminar photo editor for Mac

Skylum - 154.82MB (Commercial Trial)
Luminar photo editor for Mac is a powerful all-in-one photo editing suite from developer Macphun. The app is stacked with useful tools and versatile...
Pobierz MagicaVoxel for Mac

MagicaVoxel for Mac

ephtracy - 1.97MB (Open Source)
MagicaVoxel for Mac is a free 8-bit voxel art editor and interactive path tracing renderer. It includes a rendering engine and a great set of tools to...
Pobierz Movavi Photo DeNoise for Mac

Movavi Photo DeNoise for Mac

Movavi - 60.71MB (Commercial Trial)
In digital photographs, "noise" is the commonly-used term to describe visual distortion. It looks similar to grain found in film photographs, but ca...
Pobierz Movavi Photo Editor for Mac

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac

Movavi - 63.54MB (Commercial Trial)
Movavi Photo Editor for Mac is a fun, smart, and simple image editing app with a stack of cool features. Have fun with your pics like never before. W...
Pobierz Movavi Photo Focus for Mac

Movavi Photo Focus for Mac

Movavi - 48.31MB (Commercial Trial)
Creating intentional blur, or playing with the depth-of-field in your photos takes skills and experience that not everyone has. Luckily, Movavi Phot...
Pobierz Movavi Photo Manager for Mac

Movavi Photo Manager for Mac

Movavi - 251KB (Commercial Purchase)
Thanks to Movavi Photo Manager you are able to ‘focus on the memories’ without the hassle of managing your favourite snaps. This program will take awa...