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Pobierz Thunderbird for Mac 60.3.1

Thunderbird for Mac 60.3.1

Od Mozilla Organization  (Open Source)
Ocena Użytkowników

Mozilla Thunderbird makes e-mailing safer, faster, and easier with features such as intelligent spam filters, a built-in RSS reader, and quick search. Thunderbird was designed to prevent viruses and to stop junk mail.

Thunderbird includes tabbed e-mail, new search tools and indexing, smart folders, support for Firefox, a simplified set-up wizard and robust junk protections that include phishing and spam filters.

Key Features Include:

  • Tabbed email.
  • An Archive feature similar to the one found in GMail.
  • Lightning fast search.
  • Smart folders.

Thunderbird has junk mail tools that have been updated to stay ahead of spam and features anti-phishing protection.

Looking for the Windows version of Thunderbird? Download Here

Tytuł: Thunderbird for Mac 60.3.1
Nazwa pliku: Thunderbird 60.3.1.dmg
Rozmiar: 48.50MB (50,856,780 bajtów)
Wymagania: Mac OS X
Języki: Wielojęzykowy
Licencja: Open Source
Data dodania: 29 listopada 2018
Autor: Mozilla Organization
Suma kontrolna MD5: CFBA72C6F6A645E07813835FEA8D3077

What’s New
Double-clicking on a word in the Write window sometimes launched the Advanced Property Editor or Link Properties dialog.
Cookie removal (not working since Thunderbird version 52).
"Download rest of message" not working if global inbox was used.
Encoding problems for users (especially in Poland) when a file was sent via a folder using "Sent to > Mail recipient" due to a problem in the Thunderbird MAPI interface.
According to RFC 4616 and RFC 5721, passwords containing non-ASCII characters are encoded using UTF-8 which can lead to problems with non-compliant providers, for example office365.com. The SMTP LOGIN and POP3 USER/PASS authentication methods are now using a Latin-1 encoding again to work around this issue.
Shutdown crash/hang after entering an empty IMAP password.

Known Issues
Under some circumstances Thunderbird on Mac will send attachments using the so-called AppleDouble format which can lead to problems with mail servers and recipients
CalDav access to some servers not working. Workaround: Set preference network.cookie.same-site.enabled to false.
Chat: Twitter not working due to API changes at Twitter.com (solution forthcoming).