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Each year, tens of thousands of people trust TaxCalc Self Assessment software to help them carry out their tax returns. This is because of a range of features, which allow the completion and filing of returns without stress or hiccups.

Described as ‘award-winning’ and ‘beautifully simple’, this program is officially recognised by HM Revenue & Customs thanks to its excellence. It is exceptionally popular; as it is easy to use and provides smart tools allowing people to power through their returns, efficiently and precisely.

Key features include:
  • Simple Step guides.
  • Check and Finish.
  • Wizards and Worksheets.
  • Returns for all the family.
  • Brand works closely with HMRC to be fully updated.
  • Other useful forms.
  • Previous tax years available.
  • Unlimited email and telephone support.
  • Excellent usability.
  • Detailed calculations and repayment summaries.
  • Imports data from earlier years.
  • Shares data between spouses.

The team behind TaxCalc Self Assessment say that many customers sort their tax in under 30 minutes, thanks to their creation. They also add that returns can be completed in four simple steps. It tells you exactly what you need to do, and what you can leave for the officials.

There’s nothing worse than getting into a muddle with your tax returns. That’s why TaxCalc’s Check and Finish error-checking feature will inform you if information doesn’t tally up or is missing. Once you’re good to go, it will let you know.

Moreover, TaxCalc takes care of a plethora of tax scenarios. The ethos behind the brand is to make sure that ‘simple is smart’ and ‘smart is simple’, allowing everyone to tackle their financial paperwork, all for an affordable price.

Overall, TaxCalc Self Assessment provides you with all the features and functions needed to make light work of your tax return. Many may chortle at the idea of making tax enjoyable, but TaxCalc goes a long way to achieving that – which is why millions of returns are filed using this method.

TaxCalc Individual for Mac, 2019 dla Mac
  • Mac OS X
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Commercial Purchase
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Tuesday, February 26th 2019
Acorah Software Products Limited.

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