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Movavi Audio Converter for Mac is a super handy little app for the Mac platform that lets you convert music to and from any popular audio format.

With Movavi Audio Converter for Mac you'll never again be faced with file-type support issues. Movavi Audio Converter for Mac lets you convert music to any popular format, so you don't have to worry about incompatibility. This is great if you have WMA files; you won't need to search for a special WMA converter for your Mac to play the files, simply download Movavi Audio Converter and transform your music files into any OS X compatible format.

Key Features include:

  • Save Audio for Mobile Devices Thanks to a special preset for Apple devices, you can optimize audio files in uncommon formats for uploading to iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Now your favorite music can always be with you!
  • Batch Convert Audio Files Encode your entire audio collection in one pass! Just add as many audio tracks to the program as you want and select the desired output format – the files will be converted in no time.
  • Compress Music to Free Up Space. Does your audio collection taking up too much space on your HDD? Movavi Audio Converter will help you quickly compress audio tracks with no noticeable loss of quality.
  • Extract Audio Tracks from Any Video or Unprotected DVD If you liked the soundtrack from a movie, TV episode, or DVD video, you can easily save it as a separate audio file. All you need to do is upload a video to the program and convert it to any popular audio format.
  • Trim and Merge Audio Tracks. Want to cut out part of a song or join several pieces of music together? Movavi’s Audio Converter does the job perfectly – you can mark new beginning and end points of an audio track, cut off unnecessary material, and merge tracks in just a few clicks.

Overall, Movavi Audio Converter for Mac is relatively lightweight, has a stack of good features and lets you extract sound from video. You can even make small improvements by trimming and merging individual tracks. The interface is stylish and simple to work with. So, go ahead, check out the trial version of Movavi Audio Converter for Mac, today.

Movavi Audio Converter for Mac, 1.0.0 dla Mac
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Commercial Trial
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Friday, June 23rd 2017


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